Benefits of Triphala juice

Triphala juice is being used in many years to reduce the diseases of Ayurvedic medicine.It is not necessary that you use Ayurvedic medicines only when you are sick, if you consume it every week, you will never have any serious diseases related to the stomach. And it is also believed that there is any disease in the body, its main cause is due to stomach disturbances or stomach.
Amla, Hard and Bahera are used to make Triphala juice
Due to the use of triphala juice many diseases can be reduced like
*It reduces obesity
*Helps in increasing the eyesight-Triphala juice acts as a tonic for eyes, it enhances the eyesight and also removes the effect of diabetes on the eyes.
*It increases the resistance of our body
*It also strengthens our teeth.
*It is very good for hair to help make hair black and dense.-It is rich in vitamin C and it also improves the health of hair
*It also reduces mental stress and fatigue.
*It controls blood pressure
*It balances the cholesterol
*Helps in relieving gas and constipation in the stomach
*It gives power to the liver by removing all the liver problems.
*It protects the kidneys from infection and prevents stone formation
*It also enhances hunger and along with it also works to increase the number of red blood cells within the body, resulting in blood purity
*It prevents infection in the body and has made a lot of benefits in cold, cough, cough and allergies.
*It helps in fixing any kind of skin diseases like itching, boils, pimples, acne etc.
*Obesity is a disease that everybody wants to get rid of, so if you want to keep your body fit then use it as it prevents excessive obesity in your body.
*By giving strength to the brain it increases concentration and protects against depression
*Those who use it do not have to cope with many diseases of the mouth such as mouth stench, mouth ulcers, which are caused by stomach disorders and by consuming this juice people are not prey to it.
*Reduces the possibility of cancer in our body
*It also helps in reducing the problem of irregular maiden hypertension and lickoria etc. in women

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