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Benefits of Digital Receipts in Retail

Many retailers have been struggling to find the right solution to satisfy their customers as far as sales, delivery convenience, and customer service are concerned. The ones who use digital receipts are now gaining more profits from their increased sales as compared to those who are still in paper receipts. Another advantage of digital receipts is that the retailer can add marketing messages on in-store sales, loyalty offers, and product promotions. For retailers who don’t offer digital receipts, it is advisable for them to take a look at the benefits they can get while using digital receipts. Here are some of the benefits of using digital receipts on retail.

1. Cost-effective

Most business owners use printed receipts as routine to protect their business. But if you do the mathematics of the cost of the receipts, you will find out that printed receipts eat into your profits by a considerable margin. Digital receipts are much less expensive compared to paper printed ones. This is because when using e-receipts in retail digital receipts, no printing is needed so you erase the cost of printing and buying printing papers, which can end up saving you tons of money by the end of the year. The retailer recovers the money used on setting a digital receipt system quickly.

2. Helps create relationships with customers

The use of digital receipts helps the retailer in that they can personalize the receipt to a particular customer, not forgetting that they can also include marketing messages. This receipt also enables the retailer to gather their customer’s data and the transactions they have been making. By so doing, the retailer will not only know their best customers, but they also get to know the type of products they are always interested in. From another perspective, the use of digital receipts can thus be viewed as an effective marketing program that mainly focuses on customers’ needs. It leads to customer’s satisfaction, referrals, and loyalty, especially if they’re okay to receive their receipts or the links to the same via social media DMs and profiles.

3. Is a good way of storing data

Many customers prefer digital receipts because they are convenient to store. And also, digital receipts cannot be lost and won’t fade, especially since more often than not, they are stored in cloud. It is an advantage to retailers because digital receipts can hardly be counterfeited and the check out process is faster. They also reduce the cost of potential fraudulent returns. Storing paper printed receipts can result in a chargeback, not forgetting that it is also costly and inconvenient.

4. Provide personalized experiences that generate revenue

Many customers want a personalized shopping experience, and most of them look at the personal base of the retailer’s previous engagements. A digital receipt personalizes communication between the retailer and the customer, and this makes it a way of sending promotional messages. So if the retailer’s marketing campaign is aggressive enough, it means that many customers will be interested in the products he/she is selling.

Using digital receipts in your retail shop can boost your business in many ways. Some of these ways include making your sales and profits higher, creating a good relationship with your customers, and helping you and your customers to avoid losing critical data, just to name a few.

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