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Apple’s Reality Pro headset is said to break the “iPhone required” rule

Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset are some of the key details that have surfaced, which are definitely worth discussing as this device is the ‘iPhone requiredApple’s rule.

By the way, this information comes from Bloomberg‘s Mark Guermanso we can rely on it, and it also details the second generation of this AR/VR headset, so let’s discuss it below.

Apple’s AR/VR headset may have “in-air” typing capabilities

Apple's AR/VR headset may have

The latest edition of the Switch newsletter from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg noted that the upcoming headset, better known as the Apple Reality Pro headsetwouldn’t need a paired ‌iPhone‌ use it or even to set it up.

Any Apple product user knows that to use or set up Apple Watch, an iPhone is required, but this priority does not apply to this headset.

As the report noted, the headset could have the ability to download the user’s data directly from it iCloudand also transferring data or setting from ‌iPhone‌ is an option.

In addition, the headset’s internal prototypes include ‘in-air typing’, which allows for text input hand gestures with certain devices and eye movementsBut Gurman named this function as ‘fussyin the testing phase.

In the future, we may see some improvements to this feature, or the company will also launch a remote control to operate it.

Individual, Mark Guerman also shared some details about the second-generation Reality Pro headset.

Apple has begun work on second-generation AR/VR headsets, and it is also working on several models of first-generation AR/VR headsets powered by an M2 chip.

And since Apple plans advanced features and improved performance for the second-generation Reality Pro headset, for which the M2 chip is less powerful, Apple would opt for M3 or M4 chipping which has yet to be launched.

This Apple Reality Pro headset was rumored to launch Q1 of this yearand then many tipsters suggested that Apple will likely reveal it at the WWDC 2023 event, which could take place in June.

But now, for the second time, the launch timeline has been changed as an Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo shared that Apple could unveil it at WWDC in June, but they’re more likely to launch it at the same time iPhone 15 series in September or later this year.

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