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Apple Watch Ultra 2’s Leak Hints Price Hike and Display Changes

Apple’s upcoming Watch Ultra 2’s latest leak from a reputable source has some of the new details on its Prices and display changes.

Last year at the WWDC event, the company launched its new high-end and more powerful watch called Apple Watch Ultraand now Apple is working on the next generation.

And this next-gen Watch Ultra is expected to be more rugged than the predecessor as it’s the main priority, so let’s go over all the details of this latest leak below.

Apple Watch Ultra 2: All leak details

Apple Watch Ultra 2: All leak details

This leak report came out DSCC (View Supply Chain Advisors) website (via Forbes), and according to him, the next Apple Watch Ultra will keep a different display technology and a larger screen, which will also affect the retail price.

A lot lately reports came out reporting; Apple is switching the display technology of the iPhone, MacBook and Watch from OLED to MicroLEDwhich does not require backlighting.

Besides, the report also mentions that there is a higher chance that Apple will go with one 2.1-inch display for the next generation of this Ultra Watch series, which will be a huge upgrade just like the screen size of the first generation 1.9 inches.

Those changes in the display of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will be require more production costsso Apple will certainly continue to increase the selling price.

But currently there are no hints about the pricing and how much Apple will raise as the starting price of the predecessor $799 and at that price it was already Apple’s most expensive watch.

And about the release date, the DSCC mentioned that we would see Apple Watch Ultra 2 launch spring 2025and the same release timeline was alluded to Mark Guerman in from Bloomberg weekly newsletter.

While there is no official word from Apple on what the new watch will feature, but since these leaks and rumors came from Display Supply Chain, there are higher chances of these deployments.

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