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Apple unveils its first ‘Vision Pro’ AR headset starting at $3,499

Apple finally previewed its long-awaited mixed reality headset on Monday, Apple Vision Pro, Announced more than a decade ago at WWDC 2023 annual software developer conference. AR/VR headset expected to continue sale early next year by as much starting price of $3,499.

Apple unveils its first ‘Vision Pro’ AR headset starting at $3,499

Apple VisionPro

According to the Cupertino giant, Apple Vision Pro is “a revolutionary spatial computer That merges digital content seamlessly with the physical world while users can stay present and stay connected with others.”

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Vision Pro requires no controllers or hardware. The AR/VR headset introduces a whole three-dimensional (3D) user interface which is controlled by a user’s eyes, hands and voice. Users can browse apps by looking at them, tapping to select, swiping their wrist to scroll, or dictating with their voice.

Furthermore, the Apple headset features the world’s first spatial operating system, VisionOSmaking digital content appear and feel present in a user’s physical world.

The device has one micro OLED display system capable of display of 23 million pixels in two displays, each the size of a postage stamp, with wide colors and high dynamic range. Apple describes this as “more than a 4K TV for every eye”.

According to Apple, with two ultra-high resolution displaysApple Vision Pro can turn any room into a personal movie theater with a screen that feels 100 feet wide and an advanced Spatial Audio system.

Moving on while Apple’s M2 processor powers the headset, it also contains the new R1 chip designed explicitly for Vision Pro that processes inputs from 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones.

A new security Optical ID authentication system that can be linked to a keyboard scans users’ irises for security on the device and works with them Safe enclave. In addition, Apple added that the Vision Pro can be used for up to two hours from an external battery, reducing the weight of the device on the user’s head.

In addition, the headset also has Eyesightwhich uses a front-facing screen to help users stay in touch with those around them and provide visual cues to others as to what the user is focused on.

Another feature in Vision Pro includes Apple’s first 3D camerawhich allows users to take “spatial” photos and videos.

The Vision Pro has a dedicated App Store to download new AR and VR software. At launch it will be compatible with 100+ Apple Arcade gameswith the company promising to reveal more of its game plans later.

In addition to TV content and Arcade, Walt Disney’s Disney+ streaming service will be available on Apple Vision Pro at launch to celebrate 100 years of Disney.

The new Apple Vision Pro will be available in early 2024 starting at $3,499, initially launching in the US with plans to expand to other countries later next year.

For detailed information about Apple Vision Pro, please click here.

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