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Apple supplier list shows gradual production shift from China to India

Apple supplier list revealed that the company relies on fewer companies in China compared to India. It is an indicator of the silicon giant’s move to reduce its reliance on a single country for production. It wouldn’t be wrong to say so Apple has a “symbiotic” relationship with China. Apple CEO Tim Cook says their relationship with China has lasted more than 30 years and the company is eager to restore that relationship. In addition, the company also wants to spread its production to other areas.

Apple supplier list represents the direct expenses of the company

Apple’s supplier list was published in May. It represents 98% of the company’s direct expenditure on materials, manufacturing and product assembly for fiscal year 2022. The list is extensive and includes nearly all major manufacturers within the supply chain. According to SCMP, Apple removed 19 suppliers worldwide and added 18 more. Eight companies from China have been removed from the list, while only five have been added.

Despite the cut, I can tell you that China is still the main country of interest when it comes to Apple’s manufacturing. The reason is that 151 of the top 188 suppliers listed have facilities there. The number of suppliers alone makes it clear that Apple is still dependent on China. It would not be wrong to say that the situation will not change any time soon. However, the year-on-year differences show a slow transformation. At the same time, the list of suppliers in India has expanded to 14. On the other hand, the silicon giant has been expanding its business in India for quite some time. Apple moved 7% of global iPhone production to India with a 5% production target originally set for Spring 2023.

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