Apple shares 30 minutes of recording on iPhone 14 Pro Film Fursat

A few weeks ago, Apple had started a new series called “Shot on iPhone”. In this series, Apple released short telefilms shot with iPhone 14 to showcase the camera quality of the device. Yesterday, as a continuation of the series, Apple made a new 30-minute movie by Indian film director Vishal Bhardwaj. The name of the movie is ‘Fursat’. This movie was shot with Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone 14 Pro. The 30 minute recording on iPhone 14 Pro Film Fursat.

Fursat is an interesting story of a man so obsessed with controlling the future that he risks the things that are currently in his hands.

Shot with iPhone 14 Pro Film Fursat

Let’s take a look at the movie below and see the storyline along with the camera quality of the device it was shot with:

This isn’t the first movie shot with the flagship device. Apple has collaborated with several film directors in the past to demonstrate its smartphone’s capabilities in professional film environments.

The iPhone 14 Pro model that shot the ‘Fursat’ has a 48-megapixel wide lens that features Action mode settings to reduce judder, shake, and vibration.

This is undoubtedly also revolutionizing the film industry, as this initiative shows that you can now do wonders with a good device with a great camera. Now there is no need to buy heavy and expensive DSLRs and lenses to get things done.

Although this initiative will certainly open the way for those people who cannot afford high-end gadgets and do not necessarily rely on a smartphone, but other good devices available in the market.[honebutothergooddevicesavailableinthemarket[honebutothergooddevicesavailableinthemarket

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