Apple rolls out OS updates for some older iPhones

Apple, the silicon giant, no doubt always takes care of its longtime users. According to some latest reports, Apple is said to be rolling out OS updates for older iPhones. It means that all those users who own older iPhones and are unable to update those sets to the latest version of iOS can now enjoy updates designed specifically for their older handsets. Reports claim that the silicon giant has provided iOS 12.5.7 and macOS 11.7.3 along with other updates for older devices that fail to update to the latest versions.

The point worth noting is that the all-new updates are actually for users who are still using older devices and operating systems. These updates address similar bugs and security patches available in the recent releases of iOS 16.3 and macOS Ventura. The most amazing thing is that at least 14 different systems affected by security vulnerabilities that have been patched are included in the list of security patches.

The new update versions are listed below:

  • iOS 12.5.7
  • iOS 15.7.3
  • iPad OS 15.7.3
  • macOS Big Sur 11.7.3
  • macOS Monterey 12.6.3

Apple users may notice the skipped iOS versions between iOS 12 and iOS 15. Those are actually due to iPhones/MACs failing to update. Any device that can run iOS 13 can run iOS 15, so the company isn’t updating every version. For example, the oldest device supported by iOS 12.5.7 is the iPhone 5s released in September 2013. When it comes to laptops, the oldest Macs supported by macOS Big Sur are the MacBook Air 2013, Mac Pro, and MacBook Pro.

The systems addressed through this update include:

  • AppleMobileFileIntegrity
  • Curl
  • dcerp
  • DiskArbitration
  • Driver Kit
  • Intel graphics driver
  • PackageKit
  • Kernel
  • Mail exchange
  • Cards
  • Screen time
  • Again
  • WebKit
  • Windows installation

You can learn more about the patches and see the CVE numbers on Apple’s support page for the update. The people who have automatic updates turned on don’t need to do anything as the update will probably install overnight. However, those who want to install the update manually can do so via the Settings app. Just tap ‘General’ and then ‘Software Update’.

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