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Apple iCloud Keychain now works with third-party web browsers

Apple has released the first public beta of macOS Sonoma. This new update for macOS will be available to everyone this fall. After this update, Mac users will be able to use the Apple iCloud Keychain in third-party web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Arc.

macOS has a built-in password manager that can securely store all your passwords. You can access it through the system settings. You can view your saved passwords with your fingerprint or your computer password.

Apple iCloud Keychain now works with third-party web browsers

Using a password manager has many advantages. It means that you can use a different, advanced password for every website and service where you have an account. This way, your online accounts remain relatively safe when a service faces a data breach. You can change your password on the targeted site and move on.

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In 2021, Apple released a Google Chrome extension for Windows called iCloud Passwords. Soon after, the company released a similar extension for Microsoft Edge.

But those extensions don’t work on macOS, which means you’ll have to use Safari if you want to take advantage of Apple’s password manager on the Mac.

The iCloud Keychain feature allows users to securely store usernames, passwords, and authentication codes. It will also make it easier and faster for users to open the app, websites, etc. to login without remembering the password.

The update makes the iCloud Keychain fully compatible with browsers, just as it is compatible with Safari.

macOS Sonoma Public Beta is now available for all users to download on their devices. The update brings several new features and changes, such as a new lock screen design, widget updates, FaceTime improvements, and more.

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