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Apple could launch 5 models in the iPhone 15 series, including ‘Ultra’

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 15 series in the next eight months, and as leaks show, this series is about to undergo major changes in more complementary terms, even than last year’s iPhone 14 series.

And the last report of Bloomberg Through Mark Guerman has reported that Apple may be planning a superior model for ‘Pro Max’ known as the iPhone Ultra for the iPhone 15 series.

iPhone 15 Ultra would launch alongside iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max

Apple could launch 5 models in the iPhone 15 series, including 'Ultra'

As we have already discussed, a last year’s report hinted that Apple would launch iPhone 15 Ultra to replace iPhone 15 Pro Max in 2023, and these details came out just after the launch of iPhone 14 series.

But now, from Bloomberg renowned journalist Mark Guerman noted in his lastSwitch” newsletter that Apple has made the favorable decision, which is to launch the iPhone 15 Ultra model without removing any other model from the lineup.

In recent years, Apple has experimented a lot with their lineup of iPhone launches, and they also face more and more challenges year after year to launch the next generation of iPhone, which has consequences major changes in several sections.

And this new decision by the company will bring a huge change to the iPhone range if implemented as we will see the iPhone range with five models for the first time because Apple never launched five models in one iPhone lineup.

This means the lineup could include the iPhone 15 iPhone 15 (basic model), iPhone 15+, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro MaxAnd iPhone 15 Ultrawhich also becomes the most expensive iPhone.

While Gurman hasn’t said anything about specs or pricing, he did point out that it might launch 2024 instead of 2023.

By the way, the CEO of Apple Tim is cooking also hinted at it during the company’s earnings call last week by mentioning that “consumers are willing to pay more for the best iPhone.”

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