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Another Twitter rival, TikTok adds support for text messages

When Twitter was in the process of changing its logo and name, another Twitter Rival appeared. TikTok has announced that it is rolling out support for text messages. TikTok, one of the most widely used video sharing platforms, is about to take over many popular apps. The app had also added image support in an attempt to take on Instagram. It’s now adding text messages, probably on Twitter and Meta’s Threads.

TikTok says the new content option will allow creators to share their stories, poems, lyrics and other written content on the platform.

Another Twitter rival, TikTok adds support for text messages

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Now when you open the app’s camera page, you can choose from three options: photo, video, and text. After selecting the text option, you will be taken to the text creation page where you can type the content of your message. You can then customize your context by adding sounds, tagging a location, enabling comments, and allowing Duets. TikTok says text messages will be as interactive and dynamic as any video or photo message.

Moreover, you can add stickers to your text message along with tags and hashtags. There is also the option to choose from different background colors. Like video or photo posts, you can also save and save your drafts to other unpublished posts.

It’s no surprise that TikTok has decided to add text messaging support now, especially at a time when Twitter continues to make questionable decisions and put limits on non-paying users.

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