Android 14 will reportedly prevent users from sideloading outdated apps

The search giant Google is reportedly working on a series of new changes that are expected to go live with Android 14. Want to know what it is? Soon users will be prevented from installing outdated apps on their devices. We already know that the company enforces API-level minimum requirements for apps on the Play Store. It strictly prevents developers from publishing apps targeting older Android releases, but this doesn’t stop users from sideloading outdated apps. So now the company is trying to remedy that as well. No doubt it will be a welcome feature.

A newly posted code change suggests that Google will soon prevent users from sideloading outdated apps

The search giant is reportedly working on a new zip code change that suggests the company will enforce stricter API requirements with the forthcoming Android release. Once the change goes live, all Android users will not be able to sideload APK files for apps that don’t meet a certain API level. In addition, users will also not be able to install third-party apps that do not comply with the new guidelines.

The notable point here is that Android 14 will reportedly first block apps that target mostly old Android releases. In addition, the company also plans to raise the threshold to Android 6.0 Marshmallow over time and will implement a mechanism to gradually increase it further. Reports claim that the company will likely give OEMs the option to enable or disable the feature and set a threshold for outdated apps for their devices.

Keep calm and wait for more information about this change in the coming weeks when Google releases the first preview version of Android 14 for developers. Stay tuned for more updates.

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