Airline passenger arrested for smuggling iPhones worth over Rs 20 million

Phone smuggling has become quite common in countries where the import taxes on phones are quite high. Pakistan is also among those countries as it has a high import tax on smartphones, especially iPhones. According to the latest reports, Pakistani customs officials seized iPhones worth more than Rs 20 million at Jinnah International Airport on Monday. Reports claim that a passenger arriving on a US-Dubai-Karachi flight was caught smuggling iPhones.

Airline passenger caught smuggling iPhones at airport

Syed Irfan Ali, a customs spokesman, said officials at the airport intercepted a person, Muhammad Arshad Khan, son of Abdul Rasheed Khan, in the International Arrival lounge during the evening shift when the suspect arrived on a USA-Dubai-Karachi flight EK-602.

When the officers checked his luggage on suspicion, they found dozens of mobile phones delicately hidden in it. The officials seized 44 iPhones, an 14 Pro Max, an iPhone 14, an iPhone 14 Plus and five iPhone 14 Pro. The total value of the iPhones was estimated at Rs 22,300,000 excluding taxes. If we take into account all taxes on the phones, they are calculated at Rs 6,614,412. The officials detained the suspect and an FIR was also registered against him. There were no further words about this incident yet.

There is other news that a factory worker has been shot dead by suspects in Ghaziabad’s Sector 11 in Orangi Town. The Pakistani Bazaar police and rescuers even took the body of 25-year-old Ahad Hussain, son of Akhtar Hussain, to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. According to reports, the suspects did not take the victim’s mobile phone and wallet. Stay tuned to learn more of such incidents.

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