AI and technology will displace 85 million jobs by 2025

A very alarming and tense situation will soon arise as artificial intelligence, AI and technology together are expected to displace around 85 million jobs by the year 2025. World Economic Forum. The alarming thing is that with the rise of AI tools, such as ChatGPT and more, many jobs are expected to be displaced.

Undoubtedly, AI and technology have long been a threat to humanity and jobs. But now the reports claim that middle manager positions are most affected.

Is AI coming for your jobs?

Undoubtedly, the growth of AI and technology is very important in the economic growth of the country. A CNN report recently added that professionals such as accountants, bookkeepers, report writers, journalists and anyone in the commodities and sales industries are at a higher risk of losing their jobs to a bot. The report also claims that doctors who deal with drug interactions are expected to be at risk. So, if you are one of these professionals mentioned, brace yourself because you are going to have a very difficult time in the coming future.

Talking about recent times, a few jobs have taken a big hit with technology, especially in the fields of auto workers and music. It is due to certain machines that have displaced jobs that would otherwise require 30 to 40 workers. When we talk about the fields of music, songwriting and production, AI tools like AIVA help have also supplanted jobs. Although digital artists are also at risk from the rise of AI.

The point worth noting is that despite 85 million jobs being displaced, reports claim that 97 million jobs are also expected to be created due to the growth of AI and technology. According to CNN, experts have stated that while technology may displace jobs, only a few areas are expected to be affected. He further added:

“AI and technology will not replace you. But someone who knows how to use these tools can replace you,”

Ultimately, it is a fact that technology is being developed to make certain processes easier for humans. So we need to learn how to adapt and use it efficiently instead of feeling threatened.

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