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Activision suffered a data breach that exposed Next Call of Duty information

The deal between Activision Blizzard and Microsoft is already creating massive changes in the community, but in the background, Activision suffered a data breach in early December 2022, which has now been confirmed.

This incident was similar to all other security breaches as the reports say that Activision’s sensitive data related to its employees and upcoming games was exposed to hackers. Let’s discuss further details below.

Activision data breach: all the details

Activision suffered a data breach that exposed Next Call of Duty information

This data leak is said to have been committed by the hacker Dec 4, 2022as noted by security research group vx-underground, who was the first to report this incident via tweet.

This tweet also contains some images proving that the threat actor was able to successfully enter the company’s Slack channel and also posted something in a general chat.

While the vx-underground revealed how the hacker was able to gain access, they said, “our information security team has a Attempted phishing via SMS and resolved quickly.”

In addition, they also noted that during their investigation, they found no indication that the hacker had access to sensitive employee data, game code, or player data.

But a report of Insider gaming were released where they claimed to have analyzed the entire leak, and they found it included full names of employees, email addresses, phone numbers, salaries, work locationsand other details.

And this is because the hacker hacked into the account of the employee who is in the Human Resources department.

As we all know, gaming giant Activision is popular for its Duty game franchise, and in this data breach, part of its future the sequel’s data was also compromisedas the Insider Gaming report claimed.

They have found content related to the arrival of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 DLCCall of Duty 2023 (codename Jupiter), and Call of Duty 2024 (codename Cerberus).

In addition, vx-underground tweet also claimed that the company had not disclosed anything publicly about this data breach.

Note: TechViral Media and the author did not have access to the leaked data. All of the above information is discovered in Insider Gaming’s report.

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