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A wireless future is upon us?

It is true that smartphone chargers rule every lifestyle. But they also can’t keep up with the changing lifestyle. Take remote work for example, the pattern requires 24/7 fast and convenient charging solutions, such as wireless charging. While the local smartphone market has not been introduced to the All-Round FastCharge technology so far, recent posts on the Infinix Pakistan Facebook page point to it for the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series. With the inclusion of TESLA Science Center, a revolutionary breakthrough of cargo can also be anticipated.

Wondering what an Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series All-Round FastCharge technology can do? It enables multiple charging solutions for the convenience of the user, starting with a 68W Fast Charge up to a hassle-free 15W wireless charging. What is interesting is that the NOTE 30 Pro can also function as a power bank via the Reverse Charge function. This means it can charge other devices via wired or wireless reverse charging, including iPhones. In short, the NOTE 30 Pro Series All-Round FastCharge is fast, easy, safe, and powerful, using multiple charging options you can think of.

Leading the way in electric charging in smartphones, TESLA Science Center has left no room to provide users with the convenience of All-Round FastCharge. So far, it is safe to say that the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series will change the realm of smartphone charging solutions available in the market. But will have to wait for Infinix to announce an official launch date for the series.

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