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A real-life Netflix’s Squid Game competition will debut in November

Netflix is ​​all set to release its release Squid game reality show very soon. The streaming service recently shared a teaser trailer for it Squid game: The Challenge. Let me tell you it really is a competition series that will premiere in November. The trailer clip doesn’t reveal much about the highly anticipated series. However, it’s clear from the trailer that Netflix is ​​trying to recreate as much of the atmosphere of the original production as possible. From the giant “red light, green light” doll to everything else, the match series will of course be the same without the gore.

Everything we know about Squid Game: The Challenge

There will be 10 episodes of the series, including 456 people competing in events both “inspired” by Squid game and new to the show. At the end of the show, the winner will receive a grand prize of $4.56 million, so there’s solid motivation to persevere. The point worth noting is that Netflix filmed the series earlier this year and will now release it in November.

There is no secret behind the existence of ‘The challenge now. The Korean drama undoubtedly remains Netflix’s most popular TV show of all time. Squid Game has more than 1.6 billion watch hours as of June. Stranger things season 4 is in second place with ‘slightly’ over 1.3 billion. We all know that Netflix loves spin-offs to popular shows. Is it not? So hopefully the company can build a spin-off for its most famous series in the foreseeable future.

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There’s not that much pressure to start Squid game: the challenge as the company is currently in a stronger position with 1.8 million new subscribers in the first quarter. It seems to be reaping the benefits of a crackdown on password sharing. The company still faces stiff competition from rivals like Amazon, Disney and Paramount. However, it still has some popular shows to grow its viewership.

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