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The silicon giant Apple is tipped to release iOS 17 later this year along with the latest iPhone 15 series. The good part of the news is that we now have a better idea of ​​what it’s going to look like. A new leak recently revealed that the silicon giant is planning major changes to its music and home apps, as well as the inclusion of a new app for its rumored headset. Let’s dive in.

What are the new changes iO7 17 wants to bring with iPhone 15?

According to the latest reports, the iOS 17 update is expected to be a minor update. The point worth mentioning is that no major visual updates are expected. However, the built-in iPhone apps are targeted with minor refreshes and updates. There will be some changes to the Music app, Home app, and Find My. However, the changes are not expected to be greater.

We all know that Apple’s iOS 17 is expected to come alongside the iPhone 15 series. The company is also expected to make some changes to the upcoming iPhones. It will bring its Dynamic Island to all iPhones. Last year we saw Dynamic Island limited to the more expensive models of the series, including the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, the new code analysis seems to confirm that. The company would also switch to USB-C this year. The silicon giant had previously confirmed that the company was planning to use USB-C on the iPhone.

There is no doubt that Apple’s iOS has matured for a few years now. The fact is that more customization is always welcome. If we talk about last year’s iOS 16 lock screens and Android 12 and 13’s Material You, they’ve certainly made big strides in that direction. But there will probably be fewer this year. It’s not a bad thing. We recently revealed that some of these major updates are disorienting for general users and even contain a few bugs that need to be removed over a long and painful period of time. So it’s pretty okay if iOS 17 is a bit boring. Is it not?

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