A new Fortnite leak hints at collaboration with Creed III

All game fans know that very well Creed III is all set to hit theaters on March 3. While everyone is pretty apprehensive about this new game, we’ve come to know that the movie might have a connection to Fortnite. According to a leak, a quest category has been updated by Epic Games. Previously codenamed “inspire”, the category has now been renamed “Creed Quests”. It may give some credibility to the rumors that are circulating about the collaboration. Let’s take this with a grain of salt until we get some sort of official confirmation from Epic Games!

Fortnite Leak suggests collaboration with Creed III

It is still unclear how deep this collaboration will be. However, we expect these to be new skins. Arguably Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed is the safest bet, but a performance from Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa is also a strong possibility. There are chances that Creed III antagonist Damian Anderson could also appear.

Creed IIIThe launch date is fast approaching. So, the good news is that Fortnite fans shouldn’t wait too long to find out exactly what the company is up to, or if there will be an actual collaboration. Let me tell you it’s very rare these days that a new movie doesn’t have a Fortnite collaboration, and neither of the first two Creed movies got any sort of involvement. Due to the popularity of the series, it seems like a great candidate!

Recent reports claim that Fortnite players were treated to a skin based on the Sam Wilson version of Captain America. A few leakers revealed the skin’s existence a few days before an official release. However, the fact is that plans in the video game industry are constantly changing. It wouldn’t be wrong to say some Fortnite leaks have not been fixed or have taken longer to release than expected. For now, Creed fans will just have to wait and see if it comes out or not.

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