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A malicious Screen Recorder app goes undetected for over a year!

We all know both Apple App Store And Google Play Store are known to have numerous security features. These features protect the users from malicious and malware apps and prevent their data from falling into the wrong hands. However, regardless of all these security features, there is always a risk. You’ve probably heard of one of the popular android apps called iRecorder screen recorder. It’s recently caught in malicious work. The point worth noting is that this app first appeared on the Google Play Store in 2021. No doubt since then it has been a go-to option for many people who wanted to capture screen content. Reports claim that the app has been spying on all users and collecting their data since 2022.

iRecorder-Screen Recorder Android app has had malware for almost a year

The point worth noting is that all previous versions of the app are malware free. It was actually a simple useful tool to record the screen. However, just over a year after its launch, the app was updated in the Google Play Store. The update came with malware according to an investigation by ESET. This malware secretly recorded audio and forwarded the recorded files to a remote server. It has been revealed that the spy tool used by the developers was code from AhMyth. It is tipped to be an open-source remote access trojan (RAT).

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There have been many other Andorid and iOS apps with the same spy tool. The most interesting thing is that all these apps were not detected by the security features of the App Stores. However, the fact is that iRecorder-Screen Recorder, unlike the other malware-injected apps, pulled a very slick trick.

Google immediately removed the iRecorder Screen Recorder app from the Play Store after the issue. If you previously installed the app, you should uninstall it right away. In addition, also clear the files of the app to remove such malware.

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