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5 Best Windows 7 Themes in 2022

Let’s take a look at the best Windows 7 themes that you can try on your Windows 7 PC to get an amazing new look that will change the previous boring modes. I’ve selected some of the best themes based on user ratings, reviews, download speeds, and some of my personal experience. So check out the full guide discussed below to move forward.

Themes change the look of most parts of an operating system’s user interface, and themes are even available for Windows. The appearance of the desktop and the appearance of open windows can be changed by using the themes. There are some predefined themes available on Windows, but not everyone is good enough to like everyone. Fortunately, users can easily download the themes on their Windows. There are several themes available for Windows 7 that this article has been created for, and you may be confused to find the best one.

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5 Best Windows 7 Themes

To help users easily find the best app, we wrote this article; here we have presented the list of the best Windows 7 themes. If you want to know more about the apps, just read the complete information below to the end. You will surely like the data given here, so why not start reading it from the bottom up?

1. Angry Birds theme

Angry Birds theme

Well, most of you will be aware of the Angry Birds games, and this theme is basically designed according to the same game theme. The people who are the biggest fan of the diversion of angry winged creatures may know the characters in this game. You can put those characters on your screen by using this topic. The stage background and shadow plan will match the distraction in such a way that you’ll want it on your screen.

2. Transformers theme

Transformers theme

One of my personal favorites that I have used on my Windows 7 PC for even 2 years. The Transformer theme is another best Windows 7 theme that offers you more than 20 HD wallpapers, custom symbols and movie sounds and exchanges, turning your encounter on the stage into a varied one.

It will also replace the drill symbols with the innovative transformer. In addition, it contains some sounds from the movie Transformers for a changing background. So you must try this out because you will love this theme.

3. Spiderman theme

Spiderman theme

Do you get a kick out of the chance to play Spiderman entertainment? If so, you will surely love this Windows 7 topic. It contains 35 brilliant backgrounds and custom symbols that are fundamental to the total makeover of the subject. Like every other topic in our overview, it also includes a few sounds from the Spiderman movie, which will give you the full Spiderman encounter in your work area.

4. Ferrari Windows 7 Theme

Ferrari Windows 7 theme

This was the theme my cousin liked the most as he is a big fan of cars and this was for him. If you are tired of the great Windows 7 topic and love to see Ferrari cars and style, then it’s your day of reckoning. It contains a pack of segments that will change the tired look of your screen into a jazzy one. It contains a considerable amount of imaginative backgrounds, which will turn your drilling screen into an attractive screen.

5. Fast and furious theme

Fast and Furious theme

The Fast and Furious is another best Windows theme dedicated to the Fast and Furious 7 action movie. It contains a considerable amount of HD wallpaper, custom symbols, sounds and discourse, which will turn the tiresome interface of your PC into an inventive interface change. . The sound clips play when you apply the topic to your PC. This theme has some great ratings because there are many users who liked and used this theme on their PC. So try this out.

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Finally, after reading this post, you know what are the best Windows 7 themes. We have tried to present the complete information in such a way that it is easy to understand and that you would eventually get to it easily. I hope you liked the data on this page, if so, please try to share it with others as well.

We really appreciate your indulgence in our work as it is all about you that we reach more heights. Please try to share your thoughts and suggestions regarding this post by using the comment box below. Finally, but thanks anyway for reading this post!

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