5 Best Chest Exercises for Men

Exercises is make perfect body of human, In exercises lots of exercises is coming and these all exercises is make perfect different part of human body. all man want to be looking attractive and perfect but not all are looking perfect and attractive, for looking attractive every man do some exercises for making Chest. today we give best 5 exercises to make perfect chest in one month.

1. Weighted Push-Up

When we doing push-up that time give some weight on your body like sit any child to your back and after do exercises.other wise put some heavy bag in your back and after push-up. push-up is fully open your chest muscle and helpful for making attractive chest shape.

2. Dumbbell Squeeze Press

Squeezing the weights together during a chest press shifts all the stress onto your pectorals.Lie on a bench holding a pair of dumbbells with your arms straight above your chest, palms facing together. Let the weights touch and squeeze them together as hard as possible.


3. Close-Grip Bench Press

You can lift more weight with a barbell than with dumbbells because they’re more stable. That’s why barbell presses generally build more raw strength in your chest.Using an overhand grip that’s a bit narrower than shoulder width, hold a barbell above your sternum with your arms straight. Lower the bar to your chest. Hold for 1 second. Press the bar up.

“This is the most joint-friendly barbell variation of the bench press, allowing people with shoulder issues to still reap the benefits of pressing,” Contreras says.


4. Pec deck

Pec deck is best exercises for making attractive chest because is these exercises shoulder and chest muscle is fully pull by heavy weight. Do one thing when ever you do this exercises that time always put more weight that your capacity because heavy weight is fully pull your shoulder and chest muscle. so pec deck is most useful in making chest. Step are following :

  1. Keep your feet flat on the floor, at least shoulder-width apart.
  2. With your back firmly against the seat, lift your arms until they reach shoulder level (the angle of your elbows should be between 75 and 90 degrees). Place your elbows on the center of the pad on the wings of the machine.
  3. With smooth and slow movement, push the wings together, stopping just before they touch.
  4. Reverse to the starting position slowly.



Attach two stirrup handles to the high-pulley cables of a cable-crossover station. Grab a handle with each hand, and stand in a staggered stance in the middle of the station. Your arms should be outstretched but slightly bent. Lean forward slightly at your hips; don’t round your back.

“I like using cables for this because they provide constant tension throughout the entire movement,” says Schoenfeld.


this all exercises is best for making good and attractive chest. please do any risky exercises under supervision of trainer or any expert.


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