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4 Things you can do if you experienced adverse effects of using Truvada

The majority of people tend to tolerate pre-exposure prophylaxis quite well; however, similar to any medication, it may cause side effects.

We’re all different, which makes it cumbersome to figure out how our bodies will cope or react to a medication regimen from the onset. Usually, different people experience different side effects upon taking similar medication.

Among the most common side effects of using Truvada include; headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and long-term effects like liver and kidney failure and a significant reduction in bone density.

On a positive note, we’ve solutions on dealing with the adverse effects of Truvada.

1.  Legal action

Truvada, a drug meant to suppress the multiplication of HIV, is heavily linked to severe liver, bone, and kidney complications. Over time, the use of the drug lowers bone density by roughly 1-2% resulting in thinning of the bones. Upon stopping the use of the drug, symptoms reverse.

A small portion of PrEP users develops kidney failure issues in the long-term with symptoms also reversing upon stopping the use of the drug.

Manufacturers of the drug are accused of withholding crucial information as to the side effects. Consequently, we recommend complainants to consult Onder Law Firm for lawsuits against Gilead Sciences, Truvada manufacturers.

2. Taking the medication during or after your meals to curb nausea

Among the likely side effects of taking Truvada includes nausea; a feeling of discomfort or unease in the stomach, and a strong urge to vomit. Supposing you happen to experience such symptoms, understand that it’s normal with the first couple of weeks upon starting to take PrEP.

Some PrEP users counter the nauseated by taking the drug soon after or during a meal.

3. Accompany the PrEP with paracetamol

Dehydration, lack of sleep, certain medications, among a host of other issues may trigger headaches. However, supposing you happen to experience persistent and severe headaches right after starting your PrEP regimen, consider consulting your physician.

Your prescribing health provider may suggest you take paracetamol to help decrease headaches. Typically, the headaches subside with a couple of weeks after your initial dose.

4. Experimenting on best times to take the PrEP to counter diarrhea symptoms

Though rare, some guys get the urge to visit the toilet more frequently than they’d wish, all the while with runnier or loose stools. In such occurrences caused by taking PrEP, the symptoms usually subside within a month or thereabout.

However, in the event of severity, increasing, get in touch with a physician. Some people prefer to take the drug during a meal and experiment with the time of day it works best.

In Conclusion

The use of the PrEP Truvada reduces the risk of contracting HIV. The correct and consistent use of Truvada as medication reduces the risk of infection significantly, which some quarters are stating the figure as high as 90%.

The perks of using PrEP are rewarding for reducing new HIV infections in people at high risk of contraction. Concerns about the drug spurring unsafe practices have emerged but remain just mostly unsubstantiated.

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