38% of people think they will save their smartphone in a disaster –

If a natural disaster is coming, what will you do? The question that arises here is what would be the very first thing you claim to save before you get yourself to safety? Smartphones?? Or what? Obviously, people think of themselves before doing anything else when it comes to life. However, some also attach importance to materialistic matters. Recently, Secure Data Recovery Services conducted a survey of 1000 people who answered this question. Let’s dive in.

Are you going to save your smartphones in a disaster?

According to the study, 38% of people choose their smartphone if they can only save one thing during a disaster. In addition, another 28% of people say their most important thing is their computer so they would save their PC. However, digital assets also seem to be a priority for 66% of people.
It proves that not only physical devices are important to people.

77% of Facebook users said they would be very sad if they lost their online data. Let me tell you, this is the highest reportage share of any social media platform. If we talk about Instagram, only 45% of users agreed to lose it.

The point to note here is that many users today do not use common sense guidelines to protect their online data, such as using backups. 47% of people who said they would hate to lose their digital assets did not save it on a backup that could make it more secure.

The number one digital asset people don’t want to lose is their photos, with 91% citing them as their most prized digital asset. The second position goes to videos at 67%, followed by various types of data, including medical records, legal documents, and financial details, which received a combined 58%.

Understandably, storing all this data on a backup hard drive or a cloud can prove to be a good step to keep it for the future if something goes wrong or you need to delete a social media account.

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