3 Major Side Effects of Hair Color

In today’s jam, all people have to hide their hair and all the hair of their hair has turned white, this is a major cause of pollution and due to this everyone is suffering from this problem.Another reason for hair becoming white is allergic reactions, some people have allergies from certain things, if a person is more likely to have it with allergies, then its hair becomes white due to its.For the hair that does not look white, the hair is painted in the present day, because of color, many problems have also been found and many side effects are also done.

Major Side Effects of Hair Color or Hair Dry

  • Allergic Reactions
  • Cancer
  • Asthma

1. Allergic Reactions

The hair color of a large part of the market is currently harmless. In all colors, something is absorbed by something like Chemical.For a long time, hair color has been damaged by hair and many other physical problems can also occur.Due to this, dandruff and jute can also occur in the hair.So do not do it until the hair color is used and even if you have to do it, then use it safely.this problem is common and major problem with all hair color and dye.

2. Cancer


Laboratory experiments have proven that PPD can damage human DNA sales and can cure cancer. The American Cancer Society believes that research should be conducted before drawing conclusions, which are cancerous in the hair color nature. Resinous is another chemical scene in hair color. When permanent hair gems were introduced, they had cancer (cancer was to occur.) When the formulas were changed to replace these chemicals, it was discussed whether hair color can be cancerous. There is no discussion about. In contrast, more scientific research and study is required to establish a specific link between permanent hair color and cancerous use.

3. Asthma


Hair Dyes increase asthma because they are present in Sulfates. Continuing the inhalation of these chemicals leads to cough, tiredness, lung irritation, throat discomfort and asthma attacks. Using excessive hair dyes can cause asthma for a long time.

In all this, if there is a need to use hair dye and hair color in the pieces, even if it is necessary to use it, use only the advice of a doctor or expert.

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