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13 Best Pixabay Alternatives to Get Free Stock Photos in 2023

Finding high quality free stock photos is not an easy task at all. There are plenty of sites available on the internet where you can find free stock photos. However, you can only see a limited number of images on those sites.

Talk about free stock photo websites, without any doubt, Pixabay seems to be the best option. Pixbay maintains a huge database of free stock photos compared to other similar types of sites. There is no doubt that Pixabay is the only savior for bloggers and social media admins to fulfill their image needs.

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List of the best Pixabay alternatives to get free stock photos

Pixabay isn’t the only site to get free stock photos, though. There are many other sites available where you can download images for free. These stock photos can be used for commercial purposes. This article will list some of the best Pixabay alternatives you can consider.

1.Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock may not be a very popular alternative to Pixabay on the list, but it offers over 80 million images. You can use the stock photos available on Adobe Stock for commercial projects, but you should study the license carefully before downloading.

When you create an account with Adobe Stock, you get ten free stock photos that you can use for any project. Adobe Stock is also a platform where you can sell your photos.

2. Freepik


Freepik is less popular than Pixabay, but it lets you download hundreds of high-quality photos, designs, and mockups for free. The site has an attractive user interface that shows the popular categories on the front.

However, keep in mind that not every image available on the site was free to download and use. It has free and paid plans, but the premium stock photos and vectors are only unlocked in the premium plan.

3. Pixels

Pixabay AlternativesThis is a solid site to collect free stock photos for online projects and advertisements. All images on Pexels are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license. This means that you can also use these images for commercial purposes.

Compared to all other sites, Pexels has more content. The photos were also nicely tagged. Overall, Pexels is a great site to collect free stock photos.

4. De-splash

UnsplashUnsplash is another excellent alternative to Pixabay to get free stock photos for your blog or eCommerce project. The good thing about Unsplash is that it adds ten royalty-free photos every ten days.

The images on the site were so awesome that they would easily fit into any part of an online blog or ecommerce store. However, the site can be difficult to use because the search function is relatively limited.

5. Flickr

free stock photosOn Flickr you will find both premium and free stock photos. Free stock photos that come with the creative commons license are listed separately. The site has tons of free stock photos that can be used for commercial purposes.

Photos are sorted by type and you can find more than 35 million downloadable images on the platform.

6. Free images

Free imagesFreeimages is another best free stock photo website you can visit. Free images are often considered the best Pixabay alternative to free stock photos.

Photos are categorized by nature and all image content is published under CCO. Not only that, but the site also has an Editor’s pick section where the most downloaded images are listed.

7. StockSnap

Stock snapLike Freeimages, StockSnap also has a separate trending image section. The trending images section in StockSnap helps users choose images faster. The site is popular among bloggers, social media administrators, and app developers.

Almost every image on the site can be downloaded and distributed for free. Not only that, but if you create an account on StockSnap, you can add images to the bookmark.

8. Gratisography


Gratisography is another best alternative to Pixabay, which maintains a huge database of images. On Gratisography you will find many quirky creative photos that you can download. The images are handpicked by the team and only high quality images make it onto the site.

9. Libre Stock

LibrestockWell, LibreStock is slightly different from all the others listed in the article. It is a website that scans and indexes the best free photos from the best stock photo websites.

It is a stock photo collection site where you can discover new and free stock photos for your project or e-commerce site. The user interface of the site is also quite amazing, and you will find several stock photos on the platform.

10. FreeRangeStock


If you’re looking for stock photo websites for personal and commercial use, FreeRangeStock might be your best bet. Guess? FreeRangeStock offers many quality images for users to download.

However, on FreeRangeStock, users need to create a free account to download images. When it comes to images, FreeRangeStock has a wide variety of quality images to offer.

11. Eruption


Shopify’s Burst is one of the best and most popular Pixabay alternatives for downloading free stock photos. The site’s user interface is clean and has over 20,000+ free stock photos.

The site’s homepage shows the best free photos of the week and lists a few popular categories for browsing stock photos.

All photos on the site are free for commercial use. This means you can use these photos on your product packaging, online store or wherever you want.

12. Pic jumbo


Picjumbo is one of the oldest websites on the list to collect free stock photos for your project videos, online store, product packaging, etc.

The user interface of the site is very clean and the most popular categories are listed at the front.

There’s also a dedicated business photos section from which you can perfect high-resolution, royalty-free business images.

13. Kaboom Pics


Kaboompics is less popular than the other sites mentioned in the article; it still has a decent number of photos that you can download and use for commercial purposes.

The site shares many similarities with Pixabay in terms of its user interface and has a unique feature that lets you search for images by color.

So if you’re looking for an image that matches the color tone used for your project, you can use the Find Images by Color option.

So, these are the best Pixabay alternatives for you to consider. You can download many free stock photos from these sites. If you think we missed an important website, please mention it in the comment box below.

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