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13 Best Canva Photo Editing Alternatives in 2023

Social media posts with attractive images get 75% more shares than content without visuals. It doesn’t matter if you are a social media manager, internet marketer, blogger or YouTuber; you should know ways to create attractive images. Creating beautiful images for social networking platforms isn’t difficult; you need to know the right methods.

Canva is one of the best photo editors online, widely used by bloggers and YouTubers to create article cover images, YouTube video thumbnails, etc. The online editor has everything you need to give your photos a new touch. The only downside to Canva is its hefty price tag. If the price keeps you from editing your images, you can use the ten best canvas alternatives given in this article.

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List of Best Canva Photo Editing Alternatives

There are possibly hundreds Canva Alternatives available out there. Some of them are software and others are web-based editors. Below we have shared some of the best photo editors which can be used instead of Canva.

1) Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is perhaps the best choice if you are looking for an image editing service to create excellent social media content. It is an online tool for quick and easy graphic design.

Like Canva, you can use Adobe Spark to create excellent social media posts, YouTube thumbnails, etc. What’s even more valuable is that Adobe Spark is also available for smartphones. You can use the mobile app to edit photos directly from your smartphone.

2) Easy

Best Canva Alternatives

Easil is one of the best tools for web designers and graphic editors. Compared to Canva, Easil has more professional looking templates. The site has quite an attractive user interface and a lot of design material.

What is more valuable is that Easil offers many Adobe Photoshop type features such as layer-based editor, color picker tool, custom size selection for creating graphics and more. As of now, Easil has three plans: one free and two paid. The free one is good, but you can’t download the transparent PNG images.

3) Template


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use graphic design tool, Stencil might be your best choice. Since Stencil is more focused on simplicity, it has limited features. You can create a unique graphic design with Stencil, but there are no animations, interaction options or video backgrounds.

Stencil is the best choice for those who need to create social media content as quickly as possible. Overall, Stencil is an excellent Canva alternative to consider.

4) Snappa


If you are looking for the best Canva alternative for creating only social media posts, you must try Snappa. Snappa may have many similarities, but Canva is much better than Snappa.

There are limited templates and visual effects, but Snappa can still create basic social media graphics in simple steps.

5) Polarr


The photo editing software is available for Windows, MAC and Linux computers. There is also a web version. The web-based image editing suite is for those looking for an easy way to create attractive images of their own.

Being a full-fledged photo editor, you won’t find any templates on the site. Polarr is available in two versions: Free and Pro. The free version adds a watermark to each edited photo.

6) Gravity

Best Canva Alternatives

Gravit is a full-fledged photo editing suite that offers many unique features. It offers three different apps: Cloud, Klex, and Designer. All three tools serve different purposes and all are free to use.

Of the three different tools, the Klex is more aimed at graphic designers. What sets Gravit apart from its competitors is its templates. Gravit has templates for almost every major social networking platform.

7) BeFunky


It is a web-based photo editor with an Android and iOS app. Talking about BeFunky’s image editing capabilities, the web-based photo editing tool allows users to create a collage, thumbnails, cover photos, etc.

The great thing about BeFunky is that it categorizes all editing elements like grid, icons, emoticons, etc. After editing the images, you can directly save the edited images to various cloud storage services.

8) Photojet

Best Canva Alternatives

The great thing about Fotojet is that it offers many design elements for free. What’s more interesting is that it allows users to edit the design elements, change the color and transparency, make it large, etc. Fotojet has many pre-made template designs for YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.

9) Picmaker


Picmaker is just another AI-based graphic design platform similar to Canva. With Picmaker, you can create stunning banners and eye-catching designs in just minutes.

Being a subscription-based service, it offers a wide variety of ready-to-use premium design templates. You can easily customize the templates to fit your elements.

Apart from this, Picmaker also offers you access to over 100 million stock photos, 100,000+ icons and more. Overall, Picmaker is one of the best Canva alternatives you can use today.

10) VistaCreate


VistaCreate is one of the best Canva alternatives you can use today to create eye-catching visual content for your social media accounts and business. While VistaCreate is mostly free, some elements and design templates require a premium account.

With VistaCreate you can easily design an Instagram post, video post, poster, banner image for your website/business and more.

11. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo editor

Fotor Photo Editor is possibly the best Canva alternative on the list. It is a full-fledged online photo editor that allows you to edit your favorite photos in just a few clicks.

As far as photo editing tools are concerned, Fotor Photo Editor offers you almost all the photo editing tools you can think of.

You can easily crop, resize and add text to your photos for free. There is also an option to create photo collages and graphic designs.

12. Pixlr Photo Editor

best online photo editor

Pixlr Photo Editor is another great online photo editor and template design tool that you can use right now. With Pixlr Photo Editor, you can easily create collages, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook cover images, etc.

The web tool offers you almost all the photo editing features you need. The only downside is that most of the tools in the free version are behind a paywall.

To take full advantage of Pixlr Photo Editor, you need to purchase the premium version of Pixlr Photo Editor.

13. PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt photo editor

Although PicsArt Photo Editor claims to be free, most of the most commonly used tools and elements are behind a paywall.

It’s an online photo editor with all the photo editing tools you need to make your photos stand out. The recent version of PicsArt Photo Editor also allows you to take the help of AI technology to edit photos.

And if you don’t know how to start, you can choose a pre-designed template and edit it immediately.

Here are the ten best Canva alternatives you can use right now. Let us know in the comment box below if you know of any other best image editors. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends too.

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