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12 Best Swiftkey Alternatives for Android in 2023

There are hundreds of keyboard apps available for Android, but not all of them are worth your time and attention. Few are good and can be used instead of the stock keyboard app. Swiftkey Keyboard used to be one such app, but Microsoft has now adopted it.

The keyboard app for android specializes in AI powered predictions, cloud storage, bilingual typing, emojis, customization, autocorrect, etc. It has all the features needed to give you the best typing experience on Android.

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List of Best Swiftkey Alternatives for Android

However, the keyboard app is old and does not receive regular updates. This is what reminds users of Swiftkey alternatives. Fortunately, there are many keyboard apps for Android available on the Google Play Store that can be used instead of Switftkey. So in this article we will share some of the best Swiftkey alternatives.

1) Mint keyboard

Mint keyboard

Although not very popular, Mint Keyboard is still one of the best keyboard apps that you can use on Android. The keyboard app for android comes with advanced artificial intelligence that continuously learns and personalizes to fit your unique way of typing.

As you type, the keyboard app relevantly provides multiple emoji suggestions, predicts text and more. It also has an AI powered autocorrect mode specially designed for Indian chats.

2) Xploree AI keyboard

Xploree AI keyboard

Xploree AI Keyboard is one of the best Swiftkey alternatives you can use right now. The keyboard app for android offers almost all keyboard related features you can think of.

Xploree AI Keyboard lets you type faster and smarter with a reliable auto-correction feature. It also has an AI feature that automatically predicts the next word and relevant emojis as you type a text.

3) Gboard


This is an official keyboard app from Google itself. Compared to any other keyboard app, Gboard offers more features and is relatively easy to use.

Unlike all other apps, Gboard isn’t packed with unnecessary features. It has some most used features like gesture typing, personalized suggestions, auto correction, etc.

4) Go to the keyboard

Go keyboard

If you are looking for a very customizable keyboard app for your Android smartphone, then Go Keyboard might just be the best choice.

Guess? Go Keyboard offers tons of free emojis, emoticons and stickers that can be used in instant messaging apps. Apart from that, Go Keyboard also offers keyboard features like auto-correction, next word suggestions, etc.

5) Fleksy + GIF keyboard


When it comes to customization, nothing can beat the Fleksy keyboard. Compared to any other keyboard app for Android, Fleksy offers more customization options.

The keyboard app has support for GIFs, emoticons and stickers, enhancing your typing experience. For customization, Fleksy keyboard also offers many keyboard themes.

6) Ginger keyboard

Ginger keyboard

Ginger Keyboard is one of the best and top rated keyboard apps of your android device. Guess? The keyboard app for Android offers some excellent features.

The keyboard app can check and correct an entire sentence using a unique contextual grammar and spell check proofreader. Besides spelling and grammar checking, Ginger Keyboard includes emojis, stickers, word prediction, themes, gesture typing, etc.

7) Grammar keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard: Best Swiftkey Alternatives for Android

Grammar keyboard is an advanced one keyboard app for android which can correct your grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation and more. The app is a personal writing assistant that helps you write with clarity and confidence.

In addition to checking grammar, Grammarly Keyboard offers a few customization options, as you can switch between dark and light modes. Overall, Grammarly Keyboard is a great app to improve your typing skills.

8) Minute keyboard

Minute keyboard

Minuum Keyboard is basically a premium keyboard app for Android, but you can use it for free for 30 days.

It’s a lightweight, smart keyboard app that lets you do more with your screen space. The app offers cursor controls, clipboard tools, emojis, etc. Overall, Minuum Keyboard is a great keyboard that you should try.

9) Kika keyboard

Kika keyboard

It’s one of the new ones emoji keyboard apps available on the Google Play Store that can be used instead of Swiftkey. Some of the main functions of the Kika keyboard are smart auto-correction, word prediction, slide entry, etc.

Not only that, but the keyboard app for android also allows users to change the keyboard color, font and keypress sound.

10) Chrome keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard: Best Swiftkey Alternatives for Android

If you are looking for a free and lightweight keyboard app for your Android smartphone, Chrooma keyboard may be your best choice. Guess? Chrooma Keyboard is powered by artificial intelligence to provide better contextual prediction.

Some of the best features of Chrooma Keyboard are GIF Search, Emoji Support, Colored Navigation Bar, Gesture Support, One Hand Mode and more.

11) Typewise custom keyboard

Typewise custom keyboard

If you have used Swiftkey because of its autocorrect feature, you will love the Typewise Custom Keyboard more.

The developer of the keyboard app claims to offer better autocorrect than Swiftkey. Typewise Custom Keyboard has a unique keyboard layout that will definitely improve your typing experience.

The keyboard app for Android also has intuitive gestures, smart autocorrect features, etc.

12) OpenBoard


OpenBoard is not a very popular Swiftkey alternative, but one open-source keyboard app. Since it is an open-source app, you can follow what features come next.

OpenBoard is for those who prefer simplicity over anything else. It is a very lightweight app that supports themes and emojis. It also has a spell correction feature that automatically detects typos and suggests you the correct word.

Here are the best Android keyboard apps you can use right now. If you know of any other Swiftkey alternatives, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends too.

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