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11 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android Devices in 2023

Sound or volume is something that we often overlook when purchasing a new Android smartphone. But without good sound, you can’t enjoy your favorite song, video, or even game.

A problem we often face when playing music and watching videos is that many Android smartphones are not loud enough. Because of this, we often consider purchasing a new smartphone or a better headset.

But buying a new smartphone/headset for better sound is not a suitable option; you need to use some apps designed for that first increase android volume and then make a decision.

List of the best Volume Booster apps for Android

There are quite a few volume booster apps available for Android that actually work. Most of them are equalizers that let you play with the sound frequencies to get a better sound. Here are a few best volume booster apps for Android.

Important: Playing super loud sounds and listening at high volume for extended periods of time can damage both speakers and hearing. So if you distort the audio, lower the volume level. Many users have reported destroyed speakers and earphones. So make sure you use these apps at your own risk.

1. Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster GOODEV

The Volume Booster GOODEV is slightly different from all other apps in the article. The application is quite light and simple. It is a free app that claims to increase the sound volume of your speaker or headphones, which it does by making some changes to the system files.

However, Volume Booster GOODEV will not work on Android devices running Android 4.2. Also, few users have reported destroyed speakers and earphones. So make sure you use this app at your own risk.

2. VLC for Android

VLC for android

The popular desktop media player app, VLC, is available for Android. The good thing about VLC for Android is that it supports almost all media formats.

More importantly, it allows you to increase the sound output to the maximum level. However, increasing the sound above the standard level may damage the speakers or your ears.

3. Accurate volume

Accurate volume

If you’re looking for a full-featured volume control hub for your Android device, Precise Volume might be your best choice.

Guess? Precise Volume overrides Android’s limit of 15 volume steps, making 100 different volume levels available. It hooks securely into your device’s audio system to provide more volume control options.

4. Equalizer Effects

Equalizer effects

If you are looking for ways to improve the sound output quality of your Android device, try Equalizer FX. It is one of the top rated equalizer apps available for Android smartphones.

Equalizer FX allows you to adjust the sound effect levels to get the best out of your music. Equalizer FX offers 12 different presets by default to improve the sound quality. What is more interesting is that this app allows you to create your own sound preset.

5. Viper4Android


If you have a rooted Android smartphone, Viper4Android might be your best bet. Guess? Viper4Android needs root access to apply sound filters to the entire system. With that, the improved sound effects can be felt from every Android app you use.

Viper4Android has a feature known as an extra loud mode that runs from mild to extreme loudness levels. Not only that, but Viper4Android also offers some speaker optimization options that can help you get better sound quality out of your phone’s speaker.

6. Super high volume booster

Booster for super high volume

This app is extremely popular in the Google Play Store, but how it works remains unanswered. The Google Play Store listing says it can boost volume with just one click, but doesn’t provide details on how it works.

The app does not provide users with an equalizer to enhance audio tones. However, many users have claimed that it degrades sound quality. Since the app developer hasn’t revealed how it works, it’s best to use it on an old device.

7. Volume Booster PRO

Volume Booster PRO

This app claims to boost all music media volumes including video sound, game sound, music sound, etc. If that wasn’t enough for you, I can tell you that the app also claims to boost all system volumes like ringtones, notifications, etc.

The app works on both rooted and unrooted Android smartphones and it is the best volume booster app you can use right now.

8. Super loud volume booster

Super loud volume booster

Although the Google Play Store listing doesn’t tell much about the Super Loud Volume Booster app, it still works. The app is now used by millions of users around the world and requires less than 10MB of space to install on your smartphone.

Instead of changing the system settings, Super Loud Volume Booster allows you to adjust your soundtracks to optimize the output. The app is super easy to use and can help boost your smartphone’s speakers.

9. Loudspeaker amplification

Loudspeaker amplification

This app is different from any other app listed in the article. Instead of depending on the equalizer and sound profile, it improves sound volume by removing distracting noise.

In addition, Speaker Boost also offers a music amplifier. The Android app works on both rooted and unrooted Android smartphones.

10. Sound amplifier

sound amplifier

Well, Google’s Sound Amplifier is another best volume booster app you can use right now. The app is only for enhancing the audio of your Android device with headphones.

The main functions of Sound Amplifier include amplifying quiet sounds and reducing loud sounds, personalizing the listening experience and reducing unwanted or distracting sounds.

11. Black Player

black player

BlackPlayer is a beautiful music player app for Android smartphones. The music player app for Android is highly customizable, smooth and has a modern minimalist material design.

We listed this one because of its 5-band equalizer with many presets. You get presets for BassBoost, 3D surround virtualization, amplifier, etc.

You can play with the equalizer settings to get a better sound. The app also allows you to edit the ID3 tags, change the music player theme, add widgets for music controls and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do sound booster apps really work?

Not all sound booster apps in the Google Play Store will work. Some are good to useless and just spam you with ads. However, the one that lets you control the equalizer settings works.

Is volume boost safe?

Using volume booster apps is safe, but continuous listening to loud noise can damage your ear. So it’s best to avoid amplifying the sound too much.

Can volume booster damage speakers?

Volume booster apps for Android cannot damage speakers; in fact, they make the most of your phone’s speaker. However, if an app changes the speaker’s power, the driver coil may burn/melt and damage it.

How can I make my phone speakers louder?

You can use the sound booster apps to make your phone speakers loud. However, if you don’t want to use third-party apps, you can connect your phone to an external speaker.

So, these are the best Android Volume Boosters apps you can use right now. If you know of other similar apps, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends too.

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