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10 best sites for free streaming

Soap2Day is one such site that has survived to date even after sharing copyrighted content. However, the owner of the site recently issued a statement announcing its closure.

Soap2Day was a top-rated movie piracy site, with over 105 million monthly visits. But since the site has been shut down and is no longer accessible, users are looking for alternatives.

Quite a few legal Soap2Day alternatives available on the Internet to allow legal streaming. Most of these alternatives require creating an account and purchasing a subscription. So if you are interested in how to watch videos legally, continue reading the guide.

10 Best Soap2Day Alternatives for Free and Legal Streaming

Below we have listed a number of them best Soap2Day alternatives for movie streaming. Some of these streaming services also allow downloading videos for offline playback. Let’s start.

1. Crack


Crackle or Sony Crackle is a well known one free streaming service which can keep you addicted to your TV/computer/mobile screen for hours.

The user interface is the strong point of the site, making navigation a breeze. You also get an option to sort videos by genre, length or alphabetical order.

Yes, Crackle’s content library is way behind Soap2day, but you can watch them all for free. All videos are uploaded in high quality, but there would be ads in between.

2. Tubi

Tubi TV

Tubi should be your second choice free video streaming services. This is a very popular service with a decent collection of movies and TV shows.

However, like Sony Crackle, Tubi shows ads between the videos. Ads appear every 30 seconds, which can ruin your movie viewing experience.

The biggest advantage of Tubi is that you can watch all the content available on the site for free. Some popular movies that you can watch on Tubi for free are advertising Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman vs. Robin, Beowulf, etc.

3. Hulu


Hulu is the first premium video streaming site on the list that can compete with Netflix and Prime Video. However, Hulu is cheaper than Netflix.

Although Hulu’s database is smaller than Netflix, it still has a great collection of movies and TV shows. The advantage of Hulu is the Hulu+ Live TV that gives you access to live TV channels.

So if you want a Soap2Day alternative that can handle all your video streaming needs, Hulu could be your best choice. Hulu’s plans are quite affordable, starting at just $7.99 per month.

4. PopcornFlix


PopcornFlix is ‚Äč‚Äčless popular than most of the sites we’ve listed in the article, but it’s still a legal source for streaming movies and TV shows.

If you want to stream your favorite movies and TV shows but don’t want to get caught up in legal trouble, PopcornFlix might be a perfect alternative to Soap2Day.

This is a video streaming service present on all platforms. You can watch all the content for free, but you have to adapt to the commercial.

And the number of ads is also lower than Crackle or Tubi TV and won’t interrupt your viewing experience.

5. Peacock


Peacock is another great site like Soap2Day for video streaming. The site allows you to watch thousands of hours of movies and TV shows.

You can watch all the videos hosted on the site for free, but you have to adjust to the commercials. Peacock also has premium plans that remove ads and unlock access to top-notch movies and shows.

The only downside to Peacock is availability; the site can only be accessed from the UK, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. So if you live in any of these countries, you can visit the site and watch the videos.

6. Disney+

How to Fix Disney Plus on Loading Screen (8 Methods)

Disney+ is one of the best Soap2Day alternatives you can use today. It is a great streaming service to watch TV shows and movies legally. While Disney+ does not have a free plan, you can still get a trial and use it for free for a limited time.

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney+ is a streaming service not to be missed. As of now, Disney+ has all the popular Marvel Movies & TV Shows.

For Indian users, Disney+ also has an extension known as Hotstar that lets you watch your favorite sporting events. With the Disney+ premium subscription, you can also download videos for offline playback.

7. Netflix

Here is the expected price of Netflix Ad-Supported Tier

Netflix does not need detailed information, as everyone knows. This is one of the biggest rivals of Disney+, Hulu and Prime Video.

Netflix’s catalog of content is huge and it is the world’s most popular and leading video streaming service.

While Netflix may not be the best Soap2Day alternative, it is still the best option if you are willing to spend money and watch premium content. Netflix has already delivered huge hits like Squid Games, Money Heist, etc.

8. Prime Video

Amazon Prime video

Prime Video is another legal video streaming site on the list that you can consider. While Prime Video’s database isn’t as large as Netflix or Disney+, it still sells for its exclusive content.

The good thing about Prime Video is that you can purchase Prime Subscription to enjoy Prime Video and a few other services from Amazon.

Amazon Prime Subscription gives you access to Amazon Music, Prime Reading, etc. Overall, Prime Video is great premium Soap2Day alternative you can buy today.

9. MxPlayer

What is MX Player?

If you live in India, MxPlayer is a free streaming option. MxPlayer is basically a full-fledged media player app for Android, but it has now become a top OTT platform in the country.

MxPlayer has millions of users and all content can be viewed for free. The only downside to MxPlayer is that ads appear every 15-20 seconds, which can ruin your video watching experience.

MxPlayer also has premium plans that unlock the best video quality and remove ads. The service is sold for its regional content, Korean dramas, anime videos, etc.

10. YouTube


YouTube may be oddly listed, but it’s still one free video platform. On YouTube, you can rent your favorite movies for a limited time.

To avoid spending money, find channels that upload movies and TV shows manually. Once you find such channels, subscribe to them for timely notifications on every new upload.

There are many full-length movies and TV shows available on YouTube, almost all of them uploaded by the creators and publishers of the original content. You can watch those movies without worrying about legal issues.

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Soap2Day used to be a great website for watching movies and TV shows, but now it is no longer available. You can use these sites like Soap2Day to fulfill your video needs. Let us know in the comments below if you would like to suggest other sites like this one.

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