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10 Best SHAREit Alternatives for Windows PC (SHAREit-Like Apps)

SHAREit used to be the best file transfer tool for Windows, Android and iOS. But recently, the software has been part of user privacy controversies. For those who don’t know, the Indian government has banned the SHAREit app because of its Chinese connection.

Although you can use SHAREit on a PC, you cannot transfer files between Android and PC. Also, before the ban, the SHAREit desktop client and mobile app started displaying annoying ads. Now that the app is banned in India, it makes sense to look at the alternatives.

As of now, plenty of SHAREit alternatives are available for Windows PC. You can use any of them to transfer files between supported devices. Some apps even offer better features than SHAREit.

10 Best SHAREit Alternatives for Windows PC

So in this article we will share a list of the best SHAREit like apps for Windows. Let’s check out.

1. TeamViewer


While TeamViewer has never been known for its file sharing capabilities, it can share large files. With TeamViewer, you can quickly and easily send large files over the Internet to any other computer.

You can use it to send files directly to a remote computer or service. Transferring files on TeamViewer is secure, fast and instant.

2. Snapshot


Snapdrop is a bit different from all the others mentioned in the article. It is basically a web-based file sharing service that can send files to various devices.

To share files via Snapdrop, all you need to do is connect two devices to the same WiFi and open the Snapdrop website. The website lists the other device connected to your WiFi; tap it and share your files.

3. Push ball

push ball

Well, Pushbullet is not exactly a file sharing app. Instead, it is an app that allows you to receive Android notifications on PC.

You need to install the Pushbullet client on PC and an app on mobile to share the notifications between devices. After installation, you can call, text, etc. from the PC itself.

4. Xander


It is an application used to share files between PC and other devices. Compared to any desktop file transfer app, Xender is slightly different as it does not have a standalone app for PC. Instead, it relies on the web app to transfer files. You can access Xender through the Chrome extension or Xender web.

5. Zapya


If you are looking for a bulk file transfer solution for your Windows PC, you should give Zapya a try. With Zapya you can transfer videos, photos, music, apps and other files. The tool is designed for cross-platform sharing.

That means you can share files between Windows and Android, Android and Windows, Android to Android, etc.

6. Send everywhere

Send everywhere

Well, Send Anywhere is a bit unique compared to every other app listed in the article. Send Anywhere is available for web, Android, and iOS. To transfer files between mobile and PC, you need to use the mobile app to select the files and hit the “Send” button.

When you’re done, you’ll get a unique code. Then you need to go to the Send Anywhere web version and enter the unique code to receive the file.

7. Nearby Windows Sharing

Windows sharing nearby

Windows Near Sharing is a new file sharing tool introduced by Microsoft. It is similar to AirDrop, seen on macOS. However, unlike SHAREit, Windows Nearby Sharing is not intended for mobile devices.

To use Nearby Sharing, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Also, the computer must be running Windows 10 (version 1803 or later).

8. SuperBeam

Super Beam

Well, SuperBeam is quite similar to SHAREit in terms of the features. To transfer files between PC and Android, the SuperBeam app must be installed on both devices. With Superbeam, you can share files and folders, audio and music, photos and videos, etc.

9. AnyDesk Remote

AnyDesk Remote

It is a remote access tool for Windows, Android and iOS. AnyDesk Remote Control allows you to remotely access various devices and operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.

We have listed AnyDesk Remote Control in the list of best SHAREit alternatives because of its file transfer utility. It has a built-in file transfer utility that can be used to transfer files between computers.

10. Fairy


Feem is another best file transfer tool that you can use instead of SHAREit. The great thing about Feem is that it works on all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux.

You can use Feem to transfer files from desktop to desktop, desktop to phone, phone to desktop, etc.

You can use these free SHAREit alternatives to share files between PCs. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends too. If you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.

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