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10 Best PeerBlock Alternatives You Should Try in 2023

If you depend on the torrent to download large files online or if you have been using torrents for a while, you may be familiar with PeerBlock. PeerBlock is a mechanism that works by blocking all the IP addresses of the organizations that track your online activities.

What is PeerBlock?

PeerBlock is completely different from VPN apps as it blocks incoming connections to the network. PeerBlock does exactly what Firewall software does: blocks the list of dangerous IP addresses to protect your system from malware, espionage, and tracking.

However, PeerBlock lacks some essential features, especially when compared to the VPN apps. It is worth noting that it is impossible to block all dangerous IP addresses. In addition, blocking large numbers of IP addresses without any idea who they belong to can affect the performance of the Internet.

Another disadvantage of PeerBlock is that it does not block its own IP address. Instead, it only blocks the IP address you put in the blocklist. So it does nothing to make you anonymous.

Here are the reasons why torrent users search for ‘PeerBlock Alternatives‘. So if you are also looking for the best peerblock alternatives, let me tell you that VPNs are now preferred over PeerBlock. VPN apps encrypt the traffic and mask your real IP address.

List of Best PeerBlock Alternatives You Should Try

Therefore, in this article, we will list some of the best PeerBlock alternatives for you to consider. The list below also includes some VPN apps. So let’s take a look at the list of best PeerBlock alternatives.

1. BeeThink IP Blocking

BeeThink IP blocking

If you are looking for a simple, lightweight and easy to use alternative to PeerBlock, you should consider BeeThink IP Blocker. BeeThink IP Blocker is one of the best tools that can be used to block specific IP addresses.

Not only that, but BeeThink IP Blocker can also be used to block IP ranges. Apart from that, BeeThink IP Blocker also offers a powerful IP monitoring tool. You can right-click on the IP address at any time to check what data it is sending or receiving.

2. Simple wall

Simple wall

Simplewall is another best and top rated IP blocking tool that you can use right now. Unlike PeerBlock, Simplewall gives users more control when blocking an IP address.

For example, you can configure any app in Simplewall to prevent connection from a specific IP address. Aside from that, Simplewall has a pre-curated list of spying, tracking, and bad IP addresses.

3. PeerGuardian


If you find PeerBlock difficult to use, consider PeerGuardian. PeerGuardian is the downgraded version of the popular PeerBlock.

Like PeerBlock, PeerGuardian works by blocking lists of IP addresses. What’s even more convenient is that PeerGuardian receives regular updates. With each update, the software receives a new list of bad IP addresses to block.

4. IP list

IP list

IPlist is another best and top-rated IP address blocker on the list that is only available for Linux computers. It is a free and open-source Linux command line utility that blocks IP addresses and IP ranges.

The software uses Netfilter to filter out the outgoing and incoming connections to the device. Other than that, everything about IPlist remains similar to PeerBlock.

5. PureVPN


PureVPN is one of the best and most popular VPN apps available for Windows, Android and iOS. The best thing about PureVPN is that it provides users with well-optimized servers spread across different countries.

So PureVPN not only hides your IP address, but also ensures anonymity. Apart from that, PureVPN also got the feature to block IP ranges. However, PureVPN is a premium VPN app, but the plans are not expensive.

6. IPVanish


IPVanish is another best VPN app on the list that not only hides your IP address but also ensures anonymity. IPVanish claims itself to be the fastest Tier-1 VPN Provider. The servers are well optimized to provide better download and upload speed.

Apart from that, IPVanish encrypts your traffic with 25-bit encryption. IPVanish has a strict no-log policy, but it is a premium VPN app.

7. Private Firewall

Private firewall

Privatefirewall is one of the most advanced port tracking and process monitoring tools you can use right now. Allows you to block apps and sites from trying to connect to your network.

Apart from that, it also offers a wide range of network security options to customize security levels.

8. Private Internet Access

Private internet access

Private Internet Access could be the best tool for the best PeerBlock alternatives. It is a VPN service that allows you to control incoming and outgoing traffic. Private Internet Access features include but are not limited to Kill-Switch, military-grade encryption, etc.

9. TinyWall


TinyWall is another best Peerblock alternative on the list that can be used on Windows 10. It is a tool that improves the working of the default Windows firewall to block viruses, worms, Trojans, etc. However, like Peerblock, users have to manually change the software lists, IP addresses, etc. to block the connection.

10. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN

If you are a regular torrent user and looking for the best PeerBlock alternative for dedicated P2P servers, kill switch protection, etc., Surfshark VPN might be the best choice for you. It provides users with various features such as camouflage mode, malware blocking, spyware blocking, etc.

So you can consider this one best PeerBlock alternatives. You can use these tools to protect your system from malware, espionage, and tracking. If you want to suggest us other Peerblock alternatives, let us know in the comments.

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