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10 Best Medical Apps For Android in 2021

Well, if we look around, we will find that almost everyone is now holding an Android smartphone, including doctors. Previously, on techviral, we have shared a list of health topics like best health apps, weight loss app, diet apps, etc. Today, in this article, we are going to talk about medicines.

We understand that Medicine is a weird topic for us here, but it shouldn’t be missed. There are many medical apps available on the Google Play Store that could help you deal with many health issues. Having these apps doesn’t mean that you no longer need to visit doctors, but these apps will surely help you track your fitness and overall health.

List of Best Medical Apps For Android

In this article, we will share a few best Android medical apps that could help you track your fitness and overall health. So, let’s explore the list.

1. Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand

If you have some minor health issues and looking for ways to connect with certified doctors in your area, Doctor on Demand might be the best pick. The doctors were available and on-call 24/7. You can either schedule a visit or see a doctor immediately. However, you still need to see an actual doctor if anything is more severe as these doctors can’t perform testing or treatment.

2. Figure 1

Figure 1

Well, Figure 1 is not a regular medical app. The app is designed for healthcare professionals such as consultants, specialist trainees, junior doctors, and medical students. The app could be useful for doctors and nurses as it provides a variety of medical images that doctors can use to diagnose their patients. On the downside, the app is only for doctors, not for regular users.

3. GoodRx


GoodRx is a full-fledged pharmacy discount and medication price comparison app. The app is excellent for those looking for options to buy and compare various drugs. You can use this app to compare drug prescription prices, finding the best deals on medicine, etc. You can even unlock more benefits with GoodRx Gold membership.

4. Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology

Well, Medical Terminology is a medical dictionary app available on the Google Play Store. Since it’s a medical terminology app, it can be used to gather a variety of medical-related information. You can use the app to identify any underlying disease symptoms or find medical information on any drugs.

5. Medscape


Guess what? On Medscape, you can read news related to the medical sections along with instructional videos. Apart from that, Medscape also shows the side effects and compositions of over 7,000 drugs. So, Medscape is another best medical app that you would love to have on your Android.

6. mySugr


Well, if anyone in your family or friend has diabetes, then you can recommend them mySugr. mySugr is an Android app that helps users to keep track of their diabetes. It’s a loyal and free diabetes logbook that retains your diabetes data under control. So, mySugr is another best Android medical app that you can consider.

7. WebMD

Medical Apps For Android

If you are searching for a Wikipedia-type service for medical, then WebMD might be the best app for you. The app can help you with your decision-making and health improvement efforts by providing mobile access to WebMD’s massive medical content database. It has lots of useful tools like symptom checkers, drugs & treatments, etc.

8. 1mg


Well, if you are looking for a multi-purpose health app for all your medical needs, then 1mg might be the best pick for you. Guess what? With 1mg, you can view medicine information, consult doctors, book lab tests, read regular health tips, etc. So, 1mg is another best medical apps that you can have on your Android smartphone right now.

9. Ada

Medical Apps For Android

According to the Google Play Store listing, Ada is developed by over 100 doctors & scientists, and it can help you understand thousands of symptoms and conditions. Ada’s great thing is that it covers a wide range of health topics like Skin problems, Urinary complaints, Pregnancy-related Problems, Neurological Disorders, Chronic diseases, Mental Health, etc.

10. Medlife


If you live in India and looking for an online medical store to shop for medicines, then Medlife might be the perfect pick for you. You won’t believe it, but Medlife right now has over 100,000 OTC health care products. The app also offers full body checkups & affordable health checkup packages from certified doctors. Medlife also offers lab tests in over 465 cities across India.

So, these are the best medical apps that you can use on your Android smartphone. If you know of any other apps like these, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.

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