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10 Best LetMeWatchThis Movie Streaming Alternatives in 2023

Formerly known as Primeware, LetMeWatchThis was one of the best video streaming sites to watch movies and TV shows for hours. However, the problem with LetMeWatchThis is that it hosts copyrighted content.

As a result, the site received a lot of pressure from the authorities, which led to a website ban. The site is still accessible in some regions, but you may need to use a VPN or proxy service to access it. The site starts displaying a lot of ads and some of them redirect you to malicious websites.

So, if you want to stay safe and keep watching movies and TV shows, it’s best to switch to the alternatives. As of now, there are hundreds of free LetmeWatchthis alternatives available on the internet that allow you to stream movies and TV shows.

10 Best LetMeWatchThis Movie Streaming Alternatives

The good thing about such websites is that you can stream videos without worrying about legal issues. That’s why we’ve shared a list of th belowe best LetMeWatchThis alternatives for streaming movies and TV shows. Let’s start.

1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

If you are looking for one streaming service for movies which allows you to watch movies and TV shows legally, then Tubi TV might be the best choice for you.

We called it a legal site because Tubi TV has partnered with popular movie studios, such as Lionsgate, Starz, etc., to bring you the video content.

This means that the video content you see is the result of a partnership and you don’t have to worry about legal issues. The only criteria for watching videos on this site is creating an account.

Yes, some paid plans are available on the site, but the free account is also good for watching movies and TV shows. And you don’t need to link your debit or credit card to the free account to watch the videos.

2. PopcornFlix

Popcorn Flix

PopcornFlix used to be very popular video streaming site, but due to increasing competition, it loses its spark. It is a legal source for movies and TV shows and you can use it to watch hours of video content.

Almost everything hosted on the site is available as a free watch. Everything is good on the site from the user interface to the video quality.

Another plus of depending on this site for video streaming is the mobile apps. The PopcornFlix mobile app is available for Android and iOS, so you can watch movies and TV shows on the go.

3. Netflix


Netflix needs no introduction, as everyone knows. It is now the most popular movie streaming site considered as the best LetMeWatchThis alternative.

The only downside to Netflix is ​​that it’s not free; you have to subscribe to a monthly package to watch the videos on the site.

The monthly plans are available in different price ranges, each with different features. You can rely on Netflix to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries and any other type of video.

From the user interface to the quality of the content, everything is good on Netflix. Another plus point about Netflix is ​​that it has its apps available for Android and iOS that allow you to watch videos from mobile devices.

4. Prime Video

Amazon Prime video

PrimeVideo is less popular than Netflix, but it is still one of the best LetMeWatchThis alternatives to consider. This one is actually an add-on for Amazon Prime Subscription. Yes, there is an option to purchase PrimeVideo separately, but the cost-efficient option is to purchase an Amazon Prime subscription.

The Amazon Prime subscription gives you access to some other services including PrimeVideo, Amazon Prime Delivery, Amazon Music, Prime Reading, etc.

When we talk about the content available on PrimeVideo, it offers you a lot of movies and TV shows. There are also a few live channels that allow you to watch sports. However, don’t expect much sports content from the site.

PrimeVideo has always been known for its original and unique content. Another advantage is that PrimeVideo is also available as an app for Android and iOS, so you can watch videos on the go.

5. YouTube


YouTube may not be the best LetMeWatchThis alternative it is still one of the best video sites you should check out. The video streaming site requires an active Google account to get started.

While YouTube has never been known for movies and TV shows, you can find a few YouTube channels that upload full-length movies and TV shows.

YouTube can be accessed from all conceivable devices. You can use it from your mobile, TV, computer, laptop, etc.

You also get a movie dedication section where you can rent movies by paying the price. Overall, YouTube is a great video site that you should take advantage of at all costs.

6. Yidio


Yidio is slightly different from all the other sites on the list. It is not an ordinary video streaming site; it is a full-fledged video aggregator that lists movies and TV shows available on various video sites and services.

Let’s admit it; there are times when we can’t decide what to watch next. We keep checking our subscribed video site and waiting for new videos. Yidio is designed to end such problems.

It is a video aggregator site that tracks and displays movies and TV shows that have recently been updated on various services. You can follow Yidio and focus your interest in finding new content.

It also has a special free section with movies and TV shows uploaded for free for a limited time. So if you are a movie buff and looking for the best site like LetMeWatchThis, Yidio is something you should not ignore.

7. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar

If you live in India, this video streaming service is called Disney+ Hotstar. In other regions, it is known as Disney+. This premium video streaming service requires a monthly or annual subscription to watch the videos.

Disney+ is very popular, but it may not be the best LetMeWatchThis alternative. This is because it has relatively less content. The video streaming service is for those who want to watch Disney and Marvel content.

You can subscribe to a Disney+ subscription to watch movies and TV shows. As of now, Disney+ Hotstar has all content from Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney. This includes the Avengers series, IronMan, etc.

Disney+ Hotstar gives you access to some TV channels and covers ICC cricket tournaments. In general, you can choose Disney + Hotstar if you want something that allows you to watch movies and live TV channels.

8. CONv


CONtv is for those who are looking for the best LetMeWatchThis alternative for anime videos. The site has hundreds of free anime videos for you to watch.

It is the leading anime movie streaming site and focuses on providing high-quality animated content. Yes, there is a section for Hollywood movies, but there is less content.

CONtv is a great site for teens or young adults, but it is not aimed at those who prefer to watch TV series like Money Hiest, Squid Games, etc. The content hosted on the site will satisfy you if you are a fan are into genres such as comedy, adventure, and science fiction.

While all the content available on this site is free to watch, you have to adjust to the ads. Although the ads were less, they can still ruin your movie and TV show experience.

9. MXPlayer

MX player for PC

When MXPlayer first launched for Android, it was only limited to file manager functionality. Not the popular file manager app for Android has become a full-fledged video streaming app.

All content available in the MXPlayer app can be viewed for free, but you will need to customize the ads. Ads are on the higher side, appearing almost every one or two minutes.

However, removing MXPlayer is easy; you can set up an ad blocker DNS or buy a premium subscription from MXPlayer. Do not expect popular movies and TV shows on MXPlayer as it is a service designed solely to be free.

MXPlayer can be accessed from both mobile and desktop. You can install the MXPlayer app on mobile and desktop; you must use the web version.

10. Crispy roll


Crunchyroll is a site that shares many similarities with ConTV. It is an American subscription-based video-on-demand OTT service that supports Sony Networks.

If you are a fan of Japanese anime movies and TV series, you should not miss this one. Crunchyroll has its fair share of anime movies and TV series that will keep you glued to the mobile or desktop screen for hours.

It’s a free video streaming service, but it doesn’t compromise on anything. You can watch your favorite anime videos in high quality, but you have to adjust with a few ads.

A premium subscription is also available that removes ads and unlocks the download feature. The download function allows you to download your favorite video content for offline playback.

So here are a few best sites like LetMeWatchThis that you have to check out. If you think the list is missing important sites, let us know in the comments. And if the article helped you, share it with your friends.

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