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10 Best Free Sleep Sound Apps for Android in 2023

Things can go haywire if we don’t get enough sleep at night. Sleep is essential to our mental and physical health, but it can be difficult to get enough sleep time in our busy schedules.

Even if we manage to gain time, the stressors can still keep us open-eyed at night. Improper sleep can harm your body more than you think. Over time, it affects your immune system, which can lead to various health problems.

If you have insomnia, we have something helpful to share. You can use free sleep sound apps for android to beat insomnia or stress. These apps are basically stress busters that can help you sleep faster.

Free sleep sound apps for android

Sleep sounds have numerous health benefits; they calm your mind and balance your heartbeat. A calm mind, along with a resting heartbeat, is the perfect combination to beat insomnia. So, let’s take a look at the best sleep sound apps for android.

1. Atmosphere


Atmosphere is a favorite app for millions of Android users to fall asleep. It is essentially a sleep sound app for Android that helps you relax and calm your mind.

With Atmosphere, you can enjoy a wide variety of relaxing sleep sounds to relieve stress and beat anxiety and insomnia.

Although the app is free to download and use, you would have to pay to unlock all sleep sounds. The relaxing sleep sounds were divided into different categories: Sleep, Meditation, Yoga, Environments, Home Underwater, Beach, Forest, etc.

In addition, you also get a special section for binaural beats and isochronous tones. The sounds available in these two sections will help you free your mind and soul.

2. Sleep Sounds – relaxing sounds

Sleep sounds - relaxing sounds

Sleep sounds – relaxing sounds are one free android app for insomnia users. If you have insomnia, life can be difficult for you. You may have trouble waking up or feel tired throughout the day.

Although sleep sounds are not a permanent cure for insomnia, they will certainly help you relieve the symptoms. The app brings a collection of sleep sounds that can help you relax and mind and body.

There are a wide variety of sleep sounds available in the app such as sounds of nature, rain, meditation, beach, etc. Some of the sleep sounds available in this app can even improve your mood and lift your spirits.

The app is free to download and use, but some in-app items were hidden behind a paywall. The app works without an internet connection.

3. Sleep better

Better Sleep

BetterSleep is slightly different from all the other apps listed in the article. It is an Android app that claims to improve sleep with sleep tracking.

The app also offers free premium sleep sounds to improve your sleep quality. The Google Play Store listing for BetterSleep claims that the app is recommended by leading doctors, neuropsychologists and sleep experts, but such huge claims need good evidence.

Talking about the features, yes, you can use BetterSleep to track your sleep and understand your sleep patterns. To improve your sleep quality or beat insomnia, you get many premium nature, water, binaural, isochronous brain wave and meditation sounds for free.

In addition, BetterSleep offers a number of breathing techniques that can clear your mind and help you relax. Overall, BetterSleep is a great sleep sound app that you should not miss.

4. White Noise – Sleep Sounds

White Noise - Sleep Sounds

White Noise – Sleep Sounds is awesome Android app to relieve stress and fear. This one brings sleep sounds that can help you beat poor sleep quality.

At the time of writing, White Noise – Sleep Sounds offers you more than 50 high quality sleep sounds. This includes the sound of thunder, white noise, rain on a car window, light rain, summer rain, rain on leaves, etc.

White Noise – Sleep Sounds is not very complicated to use as it has limited features. It is heavily aimed at users who need better quality sleep and help with concentration. Most of the features of the app are already unlocked in the free version.

You even get an option to create your sleep sound by mixing the available ones. You have to play the sound, set a timer and fall asleep.

5. Sleep


Sleepa is one of the oldest free sleep sound apps for Android. It is a great app for relaxing sounds and mood to improve sleep quality or beat insomnia.

Even people who don’t suffer from insomnia can find this app helpful for relaxing. This is because it brings the three most popular types of white noise for relaxation and sleep. This includes white noise, pink noise, and brown noise.

When we talk about the sleep sounds, the app brings handpicked 40+ high quality sounds. The sounds are divided into different categories: Rain, Nature, City, Meditation, ASMR, Lullabies, etc.

6. Atmosphere


Atmosphere may not be as popular as the other apps on the list, but it still has more relaxing sounds than any other app.

The free version of Ambience offers you more than 100 high-quality relaxing sounds. You will find relaxing sounds for all your moods.

There are many different types of rain sounds, ocean sounds, water sounds, night sounds, wind and fire sounds, relaxing music, etc. You also get white, pink and brown noise.

Another best feature of Ambience is that you can mix different sounds to get your ideal relaxed atmosphere. Overall, Ambience is a great app to beat insomnia and fall asleep faster.

7. Calm


Calm is possibly the most popular Android app on the list for sleeping, meditating and relaxing. It is a full-fledged relaxation app for Android that can help you manage stress, balance your mood, and sleep better.

The app offers a wide range of features such as guided meditation, sleep stories, soundscapes, breathwork, and stretches. All these things will help you improve your sleep quality and health.

When we talk about sleep sounds, the app brings a wide variety of relaxing music and soundscapes. The feature list goes on; you also have sleep stories, mindfulness programs, etc. All in all, Calm is a great Android sleep sound app that you should make use of.

8. Balance: Meditation & Sleep

Balance Meditation & Sleep

Balance: Meditation & Sleep is an app that can calm your mind, improve your stress level and help you sleep better at night. It is actually an app that can help you practice meditation techniques.

In addition, you have a number of features to keep your mind clear and help you sleep well at night. The good sleep features of Balance: Meditation & Sleep include sleep meditations, sleep sounds and relaxation activity.

The main focus of the app is meditation; that’s why we’ve listed it below. You can create your own personalized guided meditation or choose an available option.

Most of the helpful meditation techniques were behind a paywall, but you can choose from a variety of plans available for different prices and durations.

9. Tides


If you like sleep sounds, you may also want to learn meditation at some point. Meditation is the art of controlling your mind and keeping it calm and focused.

Everyone should meditate daily as it is a natural stress booster. And the best way to get started is to use the Tide – Sleep & Meditation app. Tide is an app that aims to help people with sleeping problems.

It brings nature sounds and well-selected nature sounds that can help you forget your daily stress. You will also receive relaxation meditations that can help you to concentrate better.

The app also allows you to record every calm and peaceful moment. Overall, Tide is a great sleep and meditation Android app.

10. Baby Sleep – White Noise

Baby sleep - white noise

Although the app is designed for babies, it can also be used by adults. It is a simple white noise app for Android that soothes your mind and body.

The white noise available in the app can reduce stress and help you sleep faster. At the time of writing, the app includes various white noise sounds such as rain, forest, ocean, wind, river, night, fire, shower, airplane, brown noise, pink noise, etc.

Most of the sounds in the app are unlocked in the free version, but some must be purchased. Overall, Baby Sleep – White Noise is a great sleep sound app for Android.

So here are a few best free sleep sound apps for Android smartphones. If you know of any other sleep sound apps, let us know in the comments below. And if the article helped you, share it with your friends.

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