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10 Best Free Online PDF Compressor in 2023

PDFs serve as one of the most secure ways to share documents online. The file format is now widely used by businesses and individuals around the world. The beauty of PDF is that you cannot change the saved data.

Most file-sharing websites you use today support PDF; however, they often have PDF file size restrictions that prevent users from uploading a PDF with a file size over a certain limit. Since you can’t edit PDF files without the right tools, one option is to compress the pdf file.

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List of 10 Best Online PDF Compressors

So, in this guide, we decided to share some of the best websites that you can use to compress PDF files. Below we share a few best websites to compress PDFs online. Most of the websites were free to use, but they were ad-supported. Let’s see.

1. Adobe Online PDF Compressor

Adobe Online PDF Compressor

Adobe also provides you with a web tool for compressing PDF files. Guess? Adobe Online PDF Compressor is extremely easy to use and supports drag and drop functionality.

The web tool claims to compress your PDF files in no time while maintaining quality. The only downside to Adobe Online PDF Compressor is that you need to sign in with an Adobe account.

2. Sejda PDF Compressor

Sejda PDF Compressor

If you are looking for a simple web-based PDF compressor, look no other than Sejda PDF Compressor. Sejda PDF Compressor is one of the best and safest online PDF compressors you can use today.

Each PDF file you upload is automatically deleted after 2 hours, allowing you to upload PDF files with a maximum size of 200 pages or 100 MB.

Before compressing the PDF file, you can choose the image quality, resolution, conversion method and compression speed. Overall, Sejda PDF Compressor is a great free online PDF compressor for you to consider.

3. IlovePDF


Well, it’s a website with all the tools you need to work with PDFs in one place. The website can merge, split, compress and convert PDF files.

To compress a PDF file, you need to upload the PDF file and click the “Compress” button. The web app reduces file size without affecting PDF quality.

4. Small PDF

Small PDF

SmallPDF is another best PDF website on the list to compress PDF files. The site allows you to reduce your PDF size without losing quality.

In addition to compressing, SmallPDF can also convert your PDF file to various formats such as PPT, JPG, EXCEL, Word, etc.

5. PDF Compressor

PDF compressor

PDF Compressor is perhaps the best choice if you are looking for an easy-to-use online PDF compressor. The site allows you to compress PDF files to publish them on web pages, share them on social networks, or send them by email.

You need to upload the PDF file to the PDF compressor and press the Compress button. Apart from compressing, PDF Compressor can also convert and combine PDF files.



This is another best online PDF compression tool you can use. With PDF2GO you can quickly reduce PDF file size. The web tool offers you two different forms of compression: Basic and Strong.

The basic version gives medium file size and high quality, while the strong compression gives smaller file size and medium quality. PDF2GO can split, merge and convert PDF files apart from the compression.

7. SodaPDF


SodaPDF is the best online PDF compression tool you can use today. It uses advanced techniques to reduce PDF file size without sacrificing quality.

It also has an advanced compressor option to set the compression level. The tool is free to use and it is the best online PDF compressor tool you can use today.

8. AvePDF


AvePDF is one of the best and easy-to-use websites for compressing PDF files online. To compress a PDF file, drag and drop your PDF files from the computer. Allows you to choose the compression quality in advance.

You can choose the compression level from low to very high. AvePDF offers PDF splitter, PDF merger and PDF conversion options.

9. We compress

We compress

Wecompress can compress PDF, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, JPEG, PNG and TIFF files online.

Wecompress is faster and easier to use than other online file compressors. Today, millions of users use web-based services to get their compression work done.

10. PDFCandy


If you are looking for a secure and easy-to-use web app to compress your PDF files, PDFCandy might be your best bet.

PDFCandy is completely free to use and you can use it to reduce the size of PDF files. Apart from compressing, it allows you to split PDFs, crop PDFs, convert PDF files, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best PDF reducer online?

All of the PDF reducers we’ve listed in the article are free to use and most of them don’t require an account. You can use these sites to reduce the size of PDF files.

How to reduce PDF size to 100 kb?

The best way to reduce PDF size to 100 KB is through an online PDF compressor. Since online PDF compressors do not require any additional app installations, they are easy to use and can be accessed on the go.

Does reducing PDF size cause quality loss?

The answer to this question depends on how much compression you use. If you are about to shorten almost 50% of the file size, you can expect a visible loss of quality.

On the other hand, if you want to reduce a few KBs, the loss of quality will be less noticeable.

How to reduce PDF size without losing quality?

The free online PDF compressor allows you to choose the compression strength in advance. Therefore, to avoid quality loss, you should choose a PDF compressor that offers lossless PDF compression.

So these are some of the best online PDF compressors you can use today. You can compress your PDF files without installing any third party apps with these free PDF compressors. If you know of any other PDF compressors, let us know in the comment box below.

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