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10 Best Do Not Disturb (DND) Apps for Android in 2023

We are sure that you have experienced a situation where your Android device started ringing at full volume during an important event. It was then that we felt the need for the ‘DND’ mode. DND or Do Not Disturb mode is one of the essential features that everyone should use.

Many users think that DND mode puts the phone in silent mode. However, it’s not 100% true; it does more than mute your phone. Unlike the silent mode, which mutes all sounds, the Do not disturb mode gives users more control over muting things.

For example, you can quickly enable “DND” mode for a particular contact or app. Not only that, but you can also schedule DND modes. However, not every Android smartphone has the Do Not Disturb feature built-in. Thus, in that case, users have to rely on third-party DND apps.

List of best do not disturb apps for android

There are many Do Not Disturb apps available in the Google Play Store that allow users to mute notifications, phone calls, etc. This article shares a list of the best DND apps for android.

1. True Caller

real caller

Well, TrueCaller is a completely different app on the list. It’s not normal Do not disturb app for Android; it is a caller id app with the feature to block spam and telemarketing calls.

Since spam calls bother us the most, it makes sense to use spam blocking apps like TrueCaller. TrueCaller can detect and automatically block telemarketers and robocalls. It can even tell you about the person calling you before you answer the call.

2. Polite


Polite is not a Do Not Disturb app, but it serves the purpose well. Instead of whitelisting and blacklisting contacts, it blocks all sounds.

The beauty of Polite is that it allows users to choose specific times and dates to enter silent mode, and it can sync with the native calendar app to apply rules. For example, you can also set your phone to silent mode during calendar events.

3. Do not disturb with timer

DND with timer

Do not disturb timer is not very popular, but it still works well muting the app notifications. It is a Do Not Disturb app for Android that lets you set the timer to turn off the mode automatically.

In this app, you have to choose the desired time to turn off DND mode and then tap Start. This will enable DND mode on your Android and silence all notifications.

4. Call blocking

Call blocker

As you might have guessed from the name, Call Blocker is an Android app that aims to block incoming calls. The app itself does not block spam numbers. You must create a call block list to block incoming calls and sms. It also keeps a record of all rejected blocked numbers.

Other than that, Call Blocker also has a feature that blocks outgoing calls. Once blocked, the next time you want to call those numbers, you’ll need to enter a secret code that you may have been asked for during the setup process.

5. AppBlock – Stay focused

AppBlock - Stay focused

AppBlock – Stay Focused is one of the top rated Do not disturb apps on the Google Play Store. With AppBlock – Stay Focused you can easily block apps, sites and notifications.

Not only that, but it also allows you to create profiles with rules for groups of certain applications. Apart from that, you can also use a timer to activate profiles on a selected time window.

6. Game Mode

Gaming mode

If you are looking for a DND app to enhance your gaming experience, Gaming Mode might be your best bet. It automatically rejects all incoming calls when a selected game is started.

Not only that, but it also blocks all notifications and mutes the ringtone volume to give you a distraction-free gaming experience.

7. Toggle Do Not Disturb

Turn on do not disturb

Even if your phone has a DND mode, you’ll struggle to find the option. This is because airplane mode is preferred over DND mode on Android.

If your phone has a DND mode, but you’re looking for an easy way to enable/disable the option, you should try the Do Not Disturb switch. It is a simple widget app that allows you to enable or disable DND mode from the home screen.

8. Robot Killer


This is not really a Do Not Disturb app, but it is a powerful spam and robocall blocker app that filters incoming calls.

Since telemarketing and robocalls are the main source of distractions, we counted this app on this list. The app determines who can and cannot call you.

9. Flip Do Not Disturb

Flip DND

Flip DND is one of the most unique Do Not Disturb apps available on the Google Play Store. You need to flip down your phone screen to mute all notifications and calls.

The app is lightweight and runs in the background without impacting battery life. Overall, Flip DND is a great DND app for Android.

10. Do not disturb automatically

Automatic do not disturb

Although not very popular, Automatic do not disturb is still one of the reliable DND apps you can use on Android. The app lets you set up custom profiles to indicate when your device should be quiet or loud.

It also allows you to configure the location, Wi-Fi, time, Bluetooth, calendar event and more for profiles.

So, these are the best Do Not Disturb apps on your Android smartphone. You can easily minimize distractions with these Do Not Disturb apps on your device. Let us know in the comments if you know of any more such apps.

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