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10 Best Apps to Maximize Android Performance in 2023

Since there is no shortage of Android apps, routine cleaning of our devices becomes essential. When something goes wrong and our phone starts to slow down, we all think about cleaning the junk files, cache files, etc. from our device. Although Android smartphones do not require routine maintenance, optimizing our smartphones is always a good choice.

There are plenty of Android optimizers available on the Google Play Store, but not all of them live up to their promises. The trick is to find cleaner apps that effectively clean your smartphone. Most of the cleaner apps in the Google Play Store are for pushing adware and malware.

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List of the 10 best apps to maximize Android performance

This article lists the best Android apps that clean junk files and improve performance. So let’s take a look at the best apps to maximize Android performance.

1. Greening


Greenify is very different from all the other apps mentioned in the article. It is a battery saver app that identifies the misbehaving apps and puts them to sleep. The app will exit sleep mode when you start using them again on your device.

Whenever Greenify finds an app that is misbehaving, it automatically prevents it from lagging your device and draining the battery. So you can use the app to prevent all unnecessary apps from running in the background.

2. Activity Monitor

Activity monitor

Activity Monitor is a lightweight and easy-to-use task management app for Android. You can use it to monitor the app activity of your Android smartphone. As a task manager app, Activity Monitor shows you battery status, RAM and CPU usage, and some other details.

You can easily find apps that use large amounts of RAM and CPU resources and disable them to improve your phone’s performance. Apart from that, Activity Monitor also lets you track your mobile and Wi-Fi data usage.

3. CCleaner


CCleaner is one of the best phone storage cleaner apps on the Google Play Store. This one is already a top-rated clutter cleaner app for PC and is now available for Android.

With CCleaner, you can delete unnecessary files, clean junk files, and clear clipboard, browser history, residual app data, etc.

You can also analyze the applications installed on your smartphone and find the applications that are draining your phone’s battery. Overall, CCleaner is a great Android app to maximize performance.

4.AVG Cleaner

AVG cleaner

AVG Cleaner is not as popular as other apps on the list; it is still one of the best performance boosting apps for Android you can use today.

Millions of users are already using the app to clean their devices of junk files, app leftovers, etc.

AVG Cleaner can also search photos and videos to find duplicates. AVG Cleaner’s app analysis feature helps you identify apps that consume mobile data or take up too much storage space.

5. SD girl

SD girl

SD Maid is a lightweight Android optimization app on the Google Play Store. It is quite similar to the All-in-one Toolbox app mentioned above.

It offers a range of tools to optimize your Android device. With SD Maid, you can easily find and delete leftover files, optimize database, clean junk files, etc.

6. Norton Clean

Norton Clean

Norton Clean offers fewer features than all the other apps mentioned in the article. It just cleans up the junk files to free up some storage space. What makes Norton Clean unique is the App manager.

Norton Clean’s app manager is capable enough to remove bloatware, background apps, etc. It also sends you suggestions on how to uninstall the apps you rarely use.

7. Telephone master

Phone Master

With Phone Master you get a cache cleaner, junk cleaner, app locker, app manager, data manager and battery saver. To save battery life, the app detects and kills resource hungry apps. Likewise, to boost your phone’s performance, it scans and removes useless apps, files, cache, junk, etc.

8. Ancleaner, Android cleaner

Ancleaner, android cleaner

Ancleaner, an Android cleaner, is another best Android app to speed up your device. With Ancleaner, Android cleaner, you can easily clean junk files, stop battery draining applications, etc.

It also has a WhatsApp tool that puts all received media files on the instant messaging app in one place.

9. Storage analyzer and disk usage

Storage analyzer and disk usage

It is a disk cleaning app that analyzes and cleans up disk space to maximize Android performance.

The app displays information about SD cards, USB devices, external and internal storage, and cloud storage in a simple graphical form. Apart from that, it also has a Cache cleaner that quickly deletes the cache file of the app.

10. 3C all-in-one tool box

3C all-in-one tool box

3C All-in-One Toolbox is very similar to the All-In-One Toolbox app mentioned above. It combines a wide range of functions in one giant toolbox.

It has a device manager, file manager, app manager, battery manager, junk cleaner, task manager, CPU manager, storage analyzer, etc. All these things were necessary to maximize the performance of Android.

So, these are the best apps to speed up your Android device. You can rely on these free apps to improve the performance of your Android. If you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.

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