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10 best ad-free games for Android in 2023

While many consider gaming a waste of time, it has many health benefits. Several studies have shown how gaming improves mental skills, helps us concentrate better and improves decision making skills.

Gaming becomes more fun on Android as there is no shortage of games on this platform. Open the Google Play Store and explore the game catalog; you will find thousands of games there.

Everyone has their taste in gaming. Many prefer online games, while others look for ad-free Android games. Ad-free games for Android don’t bombard you with ads or send you notifications with ads.

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10 best ad-free games for Android

Ad-free games for Android can be best for those who want a distraction-free gaming experience. Below we have shared some of the best ads free games for android smartphones.

1. Fast as a fox

Fast as a fox

Fast Like a Fox is an endless runner game that stands out for its unique tap controls. The game is available for free, but is not currently under active development.

Despite being an offline game, it is so addictive. The game convinces you to learn the tapping techniques for the best precision while controlling the game character.

Like any other endless runner game, here you need to control the speed of your characters and grab as many collectibles as possible. The spin in the game depends on the tapping techniques.

Unlike other endless runners where you have to tap the screen to jump, you have to keep tapping the back of your phone to make the fox run. So the concept is that the faster you tap, the faster the fox runs.

2. Pixel Dungeon

Pixel dungeon

Pixel Dungeon is a viral game on the list with pixel art graphics and simple user interface. When discussing the plot, you play as a player descending through five regions.

Each region has five floors and textures. You will discover hidden secrets, monsters and bosses as you progress through the floors. You have to eliminate the monsters and other bumps and take part in the boss battle.

The plot of the game is a bit hard to explain; therefore, it is recommended to play the game alone to discover how addictive it is. The game is fully playable offline and does not display any ads.

3. Ultraflow

ultra current

If you are a fan of puzzle games, don’t miss Ultraflow. Ultraflow is a minimalist yet complex puzzle game that you will ever play on your Android smartphone.

While the gameplay may sound simple, the levels become increasingly competitive as you progress. However, the game’s minimalistic design will keep you going.

Give about a few minutes to the game; you will find yourself completely addicted to it. To explain the gameplay, take this: you have limited bounces to complete each level. The levels get harder as you progress.

So if you have one ad free puzzle game for Android, Ultraflow should be on your top list.

4. Data wing

Data wing

Data Wing is a narrative racing adventure game for Android. The game puts you in the world of the neon landscape, which feels and looks fantastic.

The popularity of this no ads game for android was already sky-high and it knows how to live up to the expectations of the gamers. It is an arcade style racing game where you have to penetrate walls.

The goal of you in this game is to complete the race and become the first to get through the exit. There are 40 levels in the game; each has a soundtrack that will keep you engaged.

The game does not show ads, but there is an option to connect to the internet to participate in the competitive crown system. By participating in the crown system, you can reach the top of the leaderboard.

5. Pew Pew


If you are a fan of playing fun shooting games on Android, PewPew is a game you would love. PewPew has retro graphics and different game modes.

You have to win medals, unlock ships and compete on the online ladder board during the game. Some other features of PewPew are online replays, leaderboards and controller support for NVIDIA & Android set-top boxes.

The game is very addictive, but it is not very popular. We’ve listed the game because it doesn’t sell data and there are no ads. So if you are a fan of ad-free shooting games, PewPew could be your best choice.

6. Mindustry


The soul of this game is factory built, but it also has a touch of tower defense and RTS elements. So if you want a factory building game with a touch of tower defense, you should play this one.

Mindustry is one ad free game for android smartphones where you have to build your factory, work out supply chains to fuel ammunition to defend your territory, produce construction material and build units.

Mindustry also has an online mode that lets you play with your friends in cross-platform multiplayer. You can even challenge your friends in team-based PvP matches.

The campaign mode that works without internet and shows no ads has more than 250 technology blocks for masters and more than 50 different types of drones, mechs and ships.

7. PBS KIDS Games

PBS KIDS games

PBS KIDS Games is a collection of games for kids. The game pack is designed for parents with children who want to play games.

Being an app designed to provide games for kids, it has no popups, ads or in-app purchases. Even if you don’t have kids at home, some games may interest you.

Currently, PBS KIDS Games has over 240 game titles that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Some games are also designed for primary school learning.

8. Stranger Things 3: The Game

strange things 3

Stranger Things 3: The Game from Netflix lets you play your favorite characters from the Strangers Things series. In the game you can choose from 12 characters. Each character then has its own skills and background.

This is the official companion game to the third season of the hugely popular Stranger Things series. If you have no idea about this, watch the Stranger Things Series on Netflix first.

After watching the series, you become a fan and want to try Stranger Things 3: The Game. Although the game is free to play and has no ads, it is not for everyone as the 16bit experience may disappoint many gamers

9. Among Us

Among us

Among Us is a multiplayer game that requires connection to the internet but does not display ads. The game supports four to ten players.

When the match starts, one team player takes on the role of the impostor. Other players must complete the tasks around a space while an imposter lurks among the crew.

At the same time, the impostor’s role is to sabotage the work of other crew members and kill each of them. The game is very addictive and has many in-app purchases.

But if you just want to spend time without buying items or watching ads, Among US can be your best choice.

10. Strike Heart


If you are a fan of the fantasy battle genre, you must play Battleheart. Battleheart is an epic fantasy fighting game for Android that works well on both old and new Android smartphones.

The game is completely free to download and play and has no ads, IAP or other tracking elements. The game gives you a chance to create a unique team of heroes and lead them in real-time battles against monsters.

The monsters in the game are getting stronger. The game has a campaign with more than 30 levels, each with epic boss battles.

Some of the key features of Battleheart include commanding the army through touch commands, customizing heroes with unique abilities, and over 100 unique items to collect.

Playing games in free time is a fun activity to do. Gaming not only gives us relaxation, but also helps us to forget the stress of everyday life. So if you want a distraction-free gaming experience on Android, you should start playing these ad-free games.

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